Sunday, March 20, 2011

Free Cream of Wheat at Walgreens *YMMV

Ok, this is one of those deals I have been avoiding because it is kind of a pain.  Also, keep in mind this is not a regular stock item so you might have to shop around for a Walgreens that has these.  These were found up at the front near the registers, but I have also seen them in the center aisles in some stores and some in the little 4 ways between the front end and the photo lab.
These Cream of Wheat boxes are priced at $1 and we have $1 insert coupons with no size restrictions from the 1-9 SS.  These coupons do BEEP and say no item sold for this coupon (hence the reason this is a pain of a deal).  I spoke with the manager of the store before hand and showed her my coupons.  She agreed they could be used on the boxes and prompted the cashier to manually enter them.  YAY!  Free Cream of Wheat in varieties that look super yummy!
For those of you interested that live in Sugar Land, I left a TON at the store on Hwy 6 and Williams Trace and the store manager said she just wanted them GONE, lol.  They have a long date until expiration too (Nov and Dec 2012 !!!!!)


Anonymous said...

I also found these both on the regular food aisle, but on the opposite side from tuna, Ragu, peanut butter ,etc.. And I also found these on the outside food aisle which has nuts, chips, and is across from the refrigerators. The UPC #s don't match up, which is why it beeps. One manager manually entered the coupons, while at another store, the assistant manager wouldn't do it...said he'd have to ask the store manager, and I never went back. Jennifer

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