Sunday, March 20, 2011

Walmart Run - Got fresh fruit with overage!

Walmart restocked the 40 count Gain @ $1.87 so I used the $3 insert from 2-13 RP to get some overage to pay for fruit for this week. I broke the Gain and fruit up in two transactions since P&G coupons limit you to 4 per transaction.
I also went ahead and got some more trial size Purex sheets with the $1 insert 3-13 RP. They are only .97 before coupon and come with two sheets.
I spent $1.46 for everything pictured and some grapes (not pictured because my family wolfed them down, lol)


Anonymous said...

Tried to use the $3 Purex coupons at the Missouri City WalMart. Cashier and manager refused saying they had not heard of any new coupon policy and that WalMart would never allow a $2 overage on any coupon. Didn't have a copy of the coupon policy & the coupon (had 7) expired that night. - Mercedes V.

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