Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Reader Spotlight - Dollar General Clearance Score!

Wow! I am so jealous of you guys getting to head over to the Dollar General .10 clearance sale this morning. One reader in Texas City was kind enough to read my request for pictures and send me this picture. I am just gonna have to live vicariously through my readers on this deal as the texts to my husband begging him to go are not prompting action. lol

Reader Kari got the following items for the bargain price of $4.32 with a savings of $70!!!!!!
3 Garden flag/Pole sets ($6 regular)
3 Hooded Zipper sweatshirts ($14 regular)
Assorted little garden and bubble items.
Reader Mariah sent in this shot of her haul she paid .54 on the items pictured.

Wowee!!! Check out Amy's haul from her store!

She really found some smoking HOT barbeque accessories and some Miracle Gro my dh would kill for!  (I was informed the candy is from the CVS deal so don't look for that in Dollar General, lol)
$1.73 for all you see pictured, WOW!!!!

Feel free to send in those pics readers, though I am completely jealous.

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Alecia Chapman said...

I'm so jealous. I went at lunch to two different stores and they had nothing!

The Theobalds said...

I went to one store and they said only the toys were $.10 nothing else. So I left with nothing oh well.

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