Sunday, October 23, 2011

Randalls (Safeway) - Trying to come up with frozen food scenarios

I have to admit I perused the frozen food aisle of Safeway and nothing jumped out at me for an awesome deal using the 30% off coupon in the ad. I already mentioned this deal:

4 Red Baron pizzas: 13.34
2 Safeway frozen veggies 1.98 after in ad coupon
= 15.32 - 4.60 (30% off coupon)
=10.72 - $4 (2 $2/2 Red Baron tearpads- found at Randalls, Kroger and CVS)
=$6.72 or $1.12 an item

Well, I am brain storming a few other scenarios, but keep in mind I have not done any of these things yet personally.

3 Freschetta pizzas @ 5.49 each
=$16.47 - $4.94 (30% off cooupon)
= $11.53 - $3 (3 $1 IP's - will require two computers)
=$8.53 oop but earn $5 oyn floral purchase for purchasing 3 Freschetta pizzas (see details here)
So $3.53 for 3 or $1.18 a pizza (these are yummy pizzas too)(thanks qrazyguy I missed that)

6 Hot Pockets* @ $2.39 each
1 Safeway veggie $1.29
=$15.63 - $4.69 (30% off coupon)
= $10.94 - $3.12 (Randalls sale, buy 3 or more @ 1.87 each)
= $7.82 - $3 (3 $1/2 IP - will require two computers)
= $ 4.82 oop but earn $2 oynso for purchasing 6 Hot Pockets (see details here)
So $2.82 for 6 or .47 each for 6 or .80 each (thanks again Qrazyguy, guess I should get more sleep)
*I am not sure if this will work exactly like this since the $1.87 price does not actually require a coupon, just for them to hit total, but the ring up price is 2.39 originally for the Hot Pockets

Other items you might be able to throw in your scenarios to up your total to $15 for the in ad 30% off coupon

Aunt Jemima pancakes $2.79
-.84 (30% off coupon)
-$1 IP (watch video then you can print)
= .95/box

*hopefully I can stop in tomorrow and get more pricing to add to this list.

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qrazyguy said...

Hi, I don't believe the Hot Pockets cat is printing at Randall's, I was going to do that deal as well but when I printed out the cat details from couponnetwork about a week ago it only listed Kroger as a participating store.

Also worth mentioning is the Freschetta cat is an ONYO on your next FLORAL purchase, I received one of these last week when I bought a couple of pizzas on clearance.

I did get a good deal on the Tai Pei meals, they are 2/$4 and there is a $1/1 IP available on their website. So .40 each after the FF discount. :)

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