Monday, March 5, 2012

Staples - Hot Deals at Staples for the next two days!!!!

Sorry I didn't get this posted yesterday, had house guest this weekend for my kids party and we stayed up way to late Saturday night.

Not sure when Staples decided to go to these 2 days sales, but at least we can still get some good deals if we go early!  So for today and Monday, you can get the following for a pretty sweet deal:

$5.49 Staples Copy Paper
Get UP TO $5.49 in Staples Easy Rebate, Limit 2
=FREE after rebate

$8.79 Staples Pastel colored paper
Get $8.79 in Staples Easy Rebate, Limit 2
=FREE after rebate

$8.99 HP Everyday Photo Paper 50 pack
Get $8.99 in Staples Easy Rebate, Limit 2
=FREE after rebate

$44.99 Titanium Internet Security, 1 pc
Get $45 in Staples Easy Rebate, Limit 10
=FREE after rebate

I am going to try for the top 3 and throw in something that costs at least $3.46 more so I can use the $10/50 Office Depot printable*.

So, my transaction should look something like this:
2 Staples copy paper $10.98
2 Staples pastal paper $ 17.58
2 HP Everyday photo paper $17.98
1 Staples security envelopes $5
=$51.54 - $10/50 = $41.54 + tax = $44.97

Log in and do Staples Easy Rebate of $46.54 for a total profit of $1.57.

*My Staples allows the use of competitior printable coupons, but I hear some do not.  Also, when they enter competitor coupons, they sometimes adjust down the price on some of the items you are purchasing to get the coupon to go in.  If they choose to do it this way, be sure they do NOT adjust down the price of the $5.49 copy paper as this might make your rebate value get adjusted down.  This is only an issue for that product because the rebate is a UP TO rebate not a flat rate price back.

Thanks JoeTwostep for the heads up on that up to issue.

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Any new coupons for the upcoming rebates?

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