Friday, March 2, 2012

One MORE great deal at Randalls (Tom Thumb, Safeway)

I have to say, I was super excited when I saw this shelf talker at Randalls Thursday.  So excited I nearly ran outside to get my Kleenex coupons and do the deal right then and there cause there is a deal within a deal on this, BUT then I grabbed an ad and was reminded that TODAY was the start of the buy $75 in groceries get $10 oynso and I knew the Kleenex would have to wait until TODAY!
And they did wait, and I did do the deal with failed results! WHY?? Because my mind was NOT there today. I was thinking about getting home in time to post my AWESOME Randalls run and all the AWESOME deals my readers could score but we had a movie date to take the kiddos to see The Lorax at 11!  And then in lines the doom of why I totally BOTCHED this deal by .12.  This is the deal where .12 COST me a $5 cat and ultimately actually cost me $6 OOP on my run today.

Why am I telling you this?  So you will feel sorry for me? So you will pat me on the shoulder and tell me it is ok?  NO!!! I am telling you this to show that us couponer bloggers and teachers and regulars screw up too!  We are ALL human!  We mess up deals like you would NOT believe! Trust me, I screw up, just like I did here.  (Don't trust me still? Ask Courtney!  She hears about them, lol!)

But, the good news for you is I have a back up couponer (like a backup quarterback, but saves you money rather than costs you, lol)  SO I texted my wonderful coupon bud Courtney and told her the errors and asked her to run the deal CORRECTLY.  She did and the results were beautiful.  Here is the low down.

So, as the shelf talkers explains, if you spend $25 in participating Kimberly Clarke products, you will get a $5 oynso.  Well, knowing how MOST catalinas have worked in the past at Safeway stores I figured it would calculate based on regular shelf price.  Good for us since Kleenex have another special promo going.  Buy 4 or more and get them for $1.50 each.  But since the catalina works on shelf price, you can actually accomplish this $25 threshold with just 12 boxes, assuming you pick wisely (here is where I screwed UP!)
These are the tissues I purchased!  5 boxes of Cool Touch regular price of 2.19.
7 boxes of lotion (my all time favs, given my allergies) regular price of 1.99 each.
So as you can see 5 x 2.19 = 10.95
7 x 1.99 = 13.93 + 10. 95 = 24.88!!! I was seriously just .12 shy of the $25 so NO $5 cat for me :(
Had I just bought all Cool Touch like I planned, or EVEN 1 more like I told my OCD to be even numbers, I would have got an additional catalina, ARGH!
All 12 boxes rang up $1.50 each regardless, BUT since I didn't meet that $25 threshold, NO CAT FOR ME (in a Soup Nazi tone!)
So, lesson learned, double check your shelf tags on deals like this.
Courtney got the $5 catalina by meeting the $25 threshold before promotion.
Combining this with the SUPER HOT $1 off any Kleenex that came out in last weekends paper (regional, Houston Chronicle did not get but Spanish papers did) can make for an awesome Kleenex deal.
Just make sure you double check regular shelf price and get ABOVE $25 before discount.  Your deals end result should look like this:
12 x 1.50 cost = $18 - $12 in coupons = $6 oop
Earn $5 oynso so just $1 cost for 12 Kleenex boxes or
.08 a PIECE!!!!!

Just one more week to sign up for our coupon class being held March 10th.

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Hunter said...

Do you happen to know how much the Kleenex hand towels are?

Anonymous said...

I am going cross eyed trying to find the Kleenex $1 coupon - I have the 2/26/12 SS + SS en Espanol + Disfruta Cada Momento coupon inserts but there is no Kleenex coupon.
I did find another Kleenex coupon deal though - starting 3/11 Walgreens will have the 50+ ct Kleenex for 99 cents.
Mercedes V.

Kim said...

How are you getting the Spanish papers? Are you talking about a spanish houston chronicle? Please let me know how we can aquire these. Thanks :o)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where in the Houston (hopefully northwest side) area can I find the Spanish paper/inserts?


Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

I get a free Spanish paper delivered on my lawn and some of my neighbors save them for me as well. I know this is regional throughout town but I don't know how they determine what neighborhoods to deliver to.

Anonymous said...

In downtown Houston there are lots of "racks"/newspaper boxes for Spanish newspapers such as La Voz which have the coupon inserts you are seeking. Used to be that mid-week there were still copies available. Since the Extreme Couponing TV show, there are folks that empty out all the racks shortly after delivery. I have heard that in some neighborhoods, folks practically claim a rack as their own and on delivery day, wait in their car until the delivery person drives away and then empty it out. I have seen postings on Craigslist claiming that it can be "profitable" if you have the means to provide them quantities of coupon inserts. At most local flea markets you can't miss the folks whose entire inventory consists of the Walgreens, CVS, etc freebies.
Anyway, I happen to live in a neighborhood where a Spanish newspaper is tossed in my driveway on Fridays. Downtown deliveries used to be on Fridays. Occasionally I will find a couple at a Fiesta but it is hit & miss because of a collective of folks whose business it is to clear entire racks before everyday shoppers have a chance to get a copy. I don't meant to be judgemental but I do have very reliable sources and have personally witnessed some of this. P.S.- I have a 2 copy subscription to the Hou Chron and will buy extras on occasion. Stephanie, I am grateful for your dedication to this blog, God Bless You!!!

Laura said...

Where are You guys finding the $5 shelf taker? Do I need that to do the deal? or is it just automatically going to happen at the register?

Laura said...

Sorry! Nevermind! I finally found one but just realized it was through 3/3! Oops!

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