Friday, March 30, 2012

Coupon Fairies Hit HEB - Sugar Land - and New Yellow coupons

Warning to readers. I know I don't blog as often(been super busy with that pesky day job that pays the bills :D Hope you don't mind my titles are expressing more my thoughts when I start a blog post.

So, I walked HEB in search of the NEW hot yellow coupons and let me just say, I think one of my readers set this pic up, fess up, who did it???  Hello a B coupon for $2 off Nature Made vitamins with a manufacturer coupon for $3/2 sitting right there picture perfect!  WOW!  I had to snap that picture.
BTW, if you are not in need of vitamins, the vitamin D are ~ $3 (can't find my receipt but I believe they were 2.94 so a decent MM)

Want better than free deodorant?  My store has one variety of Mitchum on clearance for $2.33.
Use the $1.50 B coupon and the $1 insert 3-18 SS and better than free!

Now to be honest,  I suck on makeup deals. I don't personally wear makeup(just a personal thing, never have except the rare wedding invite or for pictures and personally I cannot figure out how you other women do it.  My face itches I scratch it and if I am wearing makeup, now my nail is wearing it!!! Not only that, since my husband is not used to me wearing it when I do, he doesn't know how to kiss me, lol.  I really just don't understand makeup, so these posts will always suck- unless makeup is free cause free I speak!- MM even better!- I happily donate MOST* my makeup purchases)
Anyway $3 off any 2 Revlon cosmetics.  Cheapest item is the eye shadow for $3.74
I would classify eyes as part of the face(but again I know nothing about makeup?)  If the manuf. agrees then we are slated to get a $2 coupon according to the preview, which will make these just .24 each after both coupons.
*MM and free REAL makeup is cheaper than play makeup you have to pay for!
Not really a coupon but I saw these try me free peelies so thought I would post. $8 for a dry shampoo seems a lot to me but again I have NO clue what a dry shampoo would be used for??? I found these at Sugar Land HEB and didn't take any because I don't see me buying this product, so I have no other details on the terms.

Dove has a new B coupon.
Buy a shampoo or Conditoner get a free Styler.  In the 3-25 RP inserts is a coupon for $1 off.  If you store will let you use a coupon on the free item too (not against their written coupon policy) you could use 2 $1 coupons and the B coupon and get 1 styler and 1 shampoo or conditioner for $1.49 or .75 each.

Now this next one I am not 100% on it being a deal but I LOVE taco night at the house so for me this nets me freebies after I buy something anyway
The HEb brand of taco seasoning is ~ .32 each (and really good!) So if you see no need for the Grillmates marinades ,  I would go with HEB brand.  Otherwise, pay the .18 more per pack to get the free Grillmates.  (I don't recommend Old El Paso, got some for dirt cheap and have to admit we have to ADD seasoning to it as it has ZERO flavor in my opinion- and I can't take hotter than mild picante so that is not a good review)

The pizza man was restocking when I was there so the glass is foggy(no the pizza was not getting frisky :P)  The Freschetta $2 off is a B so can be combined with the $1.50/2 insert 3-4 SS if you got it.  Makes for a decent price on a frozen pizza that tastes pretty good for frozen pizza(yes I am picky on frozen pizza.  I don't like eating pizza that tastes like cardboard and I am not naming names but lets just say I WILL buy Freschetta and Digiorno)

Don't understand my lingo? Go here.  
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Anonymous said...

ok, i'll name it for you: red baron is not good compared to digiorno.

Anonymous said...

what's the deal on the taco seasoning? i'm confused

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

anon 2, the mccormick is .50 each, I am sorry I was trying to let my picture tell the story. but if you buy 2 mccormick you can get free grillmate marinade. But if you have not interest in the Grillmate, it is cheaper to buy the heb brand taco seasoning, and I personally find it comparibable (sp?) to McCormick.

Daniela6968 said...

Dry shampoo is great for those who can't take a shower after being in a hospital. I was in the hospital for 30 days and wish I had known about it then. Nurses didn't even try...another story. But I've used it and it makes you fell a little bit fresher. :) Good to donate.

Anonymous said...

DiGiornio is not half as good as Red Baron! And dry shampoos can be used at Rock Festivals where there is no time for long showers. Ok, I'll post this anon- style lol

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