Tuesday, March 6, 2012

HEB - A few more coupons for P&G promo and I decent deal on Olive Oil*

Ok, I have to say I am embarrassed to admit, there are several coupons I did not even consider in looking at the deals for the P&G promotion going on at HEB. Did you know we got several P&G coupons in the 2-12 RP? (if you did, why didn't you tell me, lol)
In doing my CVS run today I found the Olay $3/2 face cleaners coupon only to stumble upon a $1 off ANY Secret (except trial/travel)!

So, I decided to also go through my binder (which generally just holds my homemailers, blinkies, package coupons and coupons I clip for a sale but don't end up using. I found a few decent coupons from the last round of P&G in December at HEB. Like a $1 off a 6 pack of Bounty OR any 2 other Bounty!

So first, I need to explain how I decide to myself if something is in the price range I am willing to pay AFTER catalina is figured off the price.
In getting to $30 and adding these products up, you know how much you are saving in the coupon value, but if you want to dissect it like you would an ECB to see how much additional is being taken off the item from the catalina back value, this is how I do that:

If you assume you have an exact transaction of $30 in P&G items before catalina, then you can assume the catalina is taking off ~ 33.33% off the price of the item.  So, for the sake of saving a step, I just multiply the price by .67 (same as multiplying by .33 and subtracting from price) and then subtract the coupon.  In so doing, that is ~ what I am paying for THAT particular item AFTER catalina.
(This is not 100% accurate do to the variance you will get when you total is NOT exactly $30.  For ex, say your total is $31.10 after you tally the items you are buying, 10/31.10 = .32 so really a multiplier of .68 is needed, but this will get you close to the amount within pennies assuming you don't have transactions greater than ~ $33)
Keep in mind you will be paying the price less the coupon at the register and this is just calculating the rough price after catalina savings are taken into account

Ok, so today I found  these coupons and prices.  These coupons are NOT in the P&G insert but I will list where I got them as you might have these too:

Secret 1.78 x .67 = 1.19
-$1 insert 2-12 RP = .19 each
(currently free at Food Town or Walmart/Target with price match)
Counts toward P&G rebate

Gillette Fusion post/pre shave product $3.48 - $3.97 x .67 = 2.33 - 2.66
-$2 homemailer with sampler = .33 - .66

Charmin 4 pack toilet paper $1.49 x .67 = $1
-$1 homemailer with sampler = FREE

Charmin 4 pack double roll $2.47 x .67 = $1.65
-$1 homemailer with sampler = .65

Bounty Basic .97 x 2 = $1.94 x .67 = $1.30
-$1/2 any Bounty from Duracell packets from last P&G promo at HEB = .30 for 2 or .15 each

Hopefully there will be some HOT new YQ to combine with the last week of this P&G promotion

Hopefully this sale continues tomorrow(I can't find dates on HEB tags)
Pompeian Extra Virgin olive oil 4 oz $1.68 - $1 IP = .68!!!!
(thanks SD for the heads up!)

Time is running out for our  coupon class being held March 10th. Let me know if you want a spot as a walk in.

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