Friday, March 2, 2012

Randalls (Safeway) - Run to take advantage of a few good promos

I had several coupons expiring today that I wanted to get used at Randalls today. I had to wait until today because Randalls is doing the spend $75 or more in a single shopping trip get $10 oynso promotion again.
They are doing a few other promotions too that helped boost my total but lower my out of pocket cost. I am not going to line item this whole shopping order like I used too, so if there is anything you are curious about, please just ask. Instead I will just highlight the promotions I took advantage of:

1. Spend $75 in single transaction, get back $10 oynso.  This catalina always prints for me as long as I get $75 AFTER all Randalls coupons but before manufacturer coupons.

2. Save $5 off $50 purchase from Recyclebank.  When you get this, you can print it twice, so I still had one from my last redemption on 2/4/12. (Keep in mind if you use one of these, you need to account for the $5 if you are trying to get the $10 oynso)

3. Buy $10 in frozen food items and get $5 oynso for new freezer items.  Excludes seafood and meat products.

4. Buy Ore-Ida fries and hashbrowns now through 3/5, buy 2 get $1, buy 3 get $2, buy 4+ get $3 oynso. I purchased the fast fries @ .89 making them .56 for 4 boxes after cat

5. Get a free gallon of milk(up to $4) when you buy any 4 or more Kelloggs cereal 10.8 oz+,  Pop Tarts 8 ct +, Nutri Grain 8 ct +, Kelloggs Special K bars 6 ct+, Kelloggs Fiber Plus Bars 5ct+, Kelloggs eggos 10ct(8 ct french toast worked for me), Peets coffee or Dannon activia or Pure Yogurt products. Feb 29th-March 13th
*seems the free milk catalina is NOT working on the Eggos labeled NEW so be sure to stick with the older Eggos (I think it is a programming error with not getting the new product UPC codes into catalina and you can probably contact them about not receiving the catalina)

6. up to 10 free items with Safeway insert rebate(I did a whole blog post on this here)  I went ahead and got the products for my mom to help boost my total.  She doesn't have a Randalls nearby but will be coming up for my daughter's birthday party :D

Since the Eggos were a double dip, I went with those to satisfy the $10 in frozen as well as to get the free gallon of milk.  I had WAY over the $10 in frozen when I added the rebate item, but I had to make sure I had $80 after my $5 off $50 but before my coupons,(I ended up much more over that then I thought!)  I also printed the $1/3 Eggo coupon here or here before leaving.

I spent $60.85 for everything and got/will get the following back
$26.99 for rebate
$10 oynso
$5 oynso of new frozen items
$3 oynso for Ore Ida
Free gallon of milk
*I also got $2 back for the Lucerne cheese slices.  The in ad coupon didn't take off for 2 of them and took off way to little for the other two so the service desk just gave me $2 back cause they couldn't figure it out either
So final cost for all pictured (+ still owed a gallon of milk) = $13.86

Thanks Imm for your assistance with Eggo selection and SD for all the promos :D

Only 1 week left to sign up for our coupon class being held March 10th. 

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Nessykins said...

I see the Lucerne slices. What's the deal on them?

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

Nothing fabulous on the cheese, just 1.79 with in ad coupon. I looked for ANY of them to have the california seal but they did not. Really just sick of my husband asking for NON American cheese slices :D

Anonymous said...

how about the kleenex? we could ALWAYS use a good deal on those! btw-love your Randalls and HEB trips:) you rock!!
jamie in georgetown

GlennJ said...

Thanks for the great deal suggestions! On a minor point, I just got done updating my Recyclebank account with some new point offers, and thought I'd check out the rewards. It doesn't look like the Safeway discount is available anymore. At least for me, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Was the free milk from Randall's weekly special or I need coupon for? Thanks!

Laura said...

What's the deal on the Kleenex? Is it still $0.99 and you used the $1 off coupons from last Sunday's paper? I really love your blog!! Thanks so much for helping me get great deals at my Tom Thumb.

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

Ok, so hopefully with my new post I have answered the Kleenex issue, if you need further clarification please ask I will try to break it down further.

On the milk. I found a shelf talker that states the deal is good until March 13th
Buy 4 of select products get the free milk catalina, I will work on a post to show the signs in my store so you guys can try to get some free milk :D

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

GlennJ, I just logged in this morning and the Randalls coupon is still there for me in REcyclebank. I just looked under the food/groceries tab and it shows up on the first page of choices

GlennJ said...

Good to hear Stephanie! Although it is still not there for me. :( Is it specifically a Randalls deal, as opposed to Safeway/Tom Thumb? That would explain the difference, since I live in Tom Thumb territory... I *do* see other store coupons (e.g., Sprouts), just not Randalls/Safeway. Hmm.... perhaps one day I'll try "moving" back to Austin (as far as Recyclebank is concerned) and see if it gets offered. ;)
Thanks again for the deal scenarios!

Emily B. said...

So I have the $5 off $50. Do I hand that over after I scan my card or before?

Stephanie Jensen said...

yes, I always have them scan the $5/50 first

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