Friday, September 3, 2010

HEB Box Top Deal is Working! Deal I found

I went to HEB to get some prices on box top for education items for the promo I posted about here and here (will work on a google doc for that and post link when I get it started) and while looking, I realized the small pouches of Bisquick ARE btfe items YAY!!!!!

These are priced at .67 each so this is what I did:
10 @ .67 = $6.70

Earned the 70 bonus btfe form (earns $7 for the school)
and a $5 on your next shopping order catalina.

So basically I got the 10 packets for $1.70 or .17 each! I love these for those days when I am so lazy I don't want to even measure the pancake or biscuit mix!


jamie said...

thank you for the great suggestion!! My daughter helps prepare sunday night "brinner" (breakfast/dinner) every week and pancakes are her specialty:) i can not wait to go stock up.

Rachel said...

Ok so I have 2 questions, one HEB related and the other not.
1. For HEB, in the Texas Weekly magazine thing, on the page advertising the box tops promo there was something for the pillsbury cookie dough or something that said it was free? I threw out the magazine thing so I'm not exactly sure what I'm talking about =), but anyways, I wasn't sure if you still had the copy of it, if you knew how certain items were free?
2. Have you tried the Kingsford charcoal deal at Randalls? I was wondering if both cellfire coupons came off because tonight at Kroger I found coupons for $3 off packaged meat wyb kingsford charcoal.
Thanks for all of your help =)

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

oh rachel you got me.
I don't have the mag anymore because I gave it to my kiddos school to post for the other parents and when I went tonight, they were out, darn it. BUT, when I blow up the pic I took, I don't see free cookie dough, but rather free Toaster Strudels wyb Go gurt(the cost of the toaster strudels should come off when you hand over those the yellow heb coupon that makes them free- it should be hanging next to both products in the store)
I have not tried the Kingsford deal yet as I am pretty well stocked, but I have heard only one loadable has been coming off, so you might want to be cautious with that deal ;P
good coupon to find though

jamie said...

These were 71cents at my store (still a great deal) I got 8 of them and 2 betty crocker fruit snacks (dora, batman,terminators) these were $1 after $1Q.
Has anyone heard talk of the $5catalinas rolling? my cashier was so unfriendly, she wouldn't answer anything.
Thank you again!

Audrey said...

Sweeet! I tried one transaction of 9 20ct kotex liners and 1 bc cake mix. The liners were on clearance for .45 :D the insert q's were for the larger counts, but there are a lot ofhome mailer q's that could work (reg price is .89)

Anyone try the yoplait single cups yet? those are .45 at our heb too, but don't have box tops (but are pictured?)

Maddock Family said...

How many Bisquik do you have to buy to get the catalina?

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Maddock, you have to purchase 10 box top for education items to get the catalina, mix and match is possible

Southwest Coupon Clipper said...

Did this deal yesterday. They only had 9 packets, but I added pillsbury cookie since my kids were wanting to decorate some sugar cookies. That's for the deal and heads up. Worked like a charm.

Anonymous said...

Totino's pizza also works! Right now, they are $1.00 each and I had a few "$1.00 off 5" coupons. These make a great deal with the BTFE offer!

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