Sunday, July 24, 2011

CVS run tonight for new ad

Well, tonight did not go exactly as planned. It seems the ad CVS mails me every week is NOT for my region. In my home mailed ad I received from CVS it shows Dr Pepper 12 packs are 4/$10 on the 2nd page, but when I got there I was suprised they rang up full price. Cashier wanted me to point it out in the ad but the instore ad didn't have it, it showed  showed me the in store Snapple in that spot  :(     (Cashier even went so far as to ask if I was looking at the right week, lol - so just to prove I am NOT nuts, check this pic out:

Anyway, on the deals.  I don't know about you guys but everytime I went into CVS last week, scanning my card at the machine triggered a $10/50.  Well, this is certainly the week that will come in handy so I went to CVS hoping to do 2 transactions of just above $50 each to take full advantage of those CRTs (again, one had to be altered a bit since my 12 packs were $5.49 NOT $4/10 so obviously I am not THAT nuts about DP!)

I went tonight because I had grand plans of getting the Schick Hydro razors with my $4 off coupons that expire tonight, but there was not a razor in site at this store, so instead I got the Skintimate Shave cream.

So the deals:
Aussie and Herbal Essence 2/$4.97
Spend $30 on participating products, get $10 gas card
-$3/2 insert 7-3 P&G
(I got 12 @ $29.82, used 6 coupons making it $11.82 earn the $10 gas card- I broke this up between my 2 transactions so as not to use more than 4 like coupons)
Final Cost: $1.82 for 12 bottles
*Edit, OOPS big boo boo on my end!  I read the $3/2 coupon incorrectly and it is actually a $3 off styler when you buy another Herbal Essence product, EEK!  Sorry readers, guess I should not shop after driving 3 hours AND when upset about not getting my Diet DP

The good news, is there is $1 off any Herbal Essence coupon in the 6-12 RP, so you can get a better deal and correctly by doing the following:
6 bottles of shampoo/conditioner
6 stylers = @29.82
-18 for the buy shampoo get $3 off styler from P&G
-6 for the $1 off (using on the shampoo/conditioner)
= $5.82 oop and earn $10 gift card!!!!!  WOW great deal -make sure you break it up in two transactions per the limit 4 like coupon rule and sorry for incorrect prior post readers :(

Papermate Grip pens 8 ct $1.99
Earn $1.99 in ECBS
Final Cost: FREE

Skintimate Shave Cream $2.19
Spend $20 get $10 in ECBS
-$1 insert 7-24 SS or IP (or if you printed the $1.50 last week - no longer available)
(I got 10 with $1 coupons since I didn't print $1.50, all the coupons beeped and were manually put in? and got $10 ECBS back)
Final Cost: $1.90 for 10 bottles

Kotex U liners pads or tampons $3.49
Earn $2 in ECBS
-$1 insert 7-24 SS (my papers didn't have these??)
Final Cost: .49

Renu sensitive 12 oz $7.89
Earn $6 in ECBS
-$2 insert 6-12 SS -my store was sold out :(
Final Cost: .11 MM

Bengay $5.99
Earn $2 in ECBS
-$5 printable - no longer available
Final Cost: $1.01 MM

Crest Pro Health, Outlast, 3d White 4.2 oz, multi-protection rinse 8.4 oz or Satin Floss 27-55 yards $2.99
Earn $2 in ECBS (limit 2)
-$1 homemailer for 3d white (can't recall where I got this)
Final Cost: .01 MM

*I also got a $2 Nature Made CRT tonight at the coupon machine.  Hoping to get another tommorrow to combine with the bogo sale on the Nature Made vitamins, along with my $1 off manuf coupon from All You.

Some of these deals were NICE MM after using 2 $10/50!
So if you have the $10/50, might I suggest you try to combine enough of these deals to make them work for you.

The diapers in my picture were purchased with the free coupons I have been receiving for every 6 of the clearance diapers I have been getting.  I redeemed 2 today as fillers to get to $50 on the transactions!  Diapers were regular price of $11.49 so HUGE filler item for free :)

(It is too late tonight to break down my transactions but I spent $18.99 in ECBs and $1.59 in cash and got back $15.99 in ECBS and the $10 gas card for a final tally of $5.41 in profit!

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Deb said...

I have that problem with the ads for
HEB. I do get the ad for my region of Houston, but I shop in a different region. It's rather frustrating, and no one can tell me how I can get the ad from my region mailed to me also.

Anonymous said...

What is the coupon machine?

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

Anon, all CVS stores I have been in have a scanner with big signs all around it calling it the coupon center. You can check prices on it, but you can also scan your CVS card and it prints coupons. You can scan your card daily(more than ONCE) and it prints coupons.

Emilia Louisa Vasquez said...

Uggh! I went to 3 CVS stores yesterday for the contact solution deal and each one was sold out. It is so frustating for the shelf to be cleared on the first day of the sale. Is it worth contacting CVS to vent frustation on understocking an advertised sale item? Do they care or is this just a ploy to get us into the store?

Vicki said...

If you try to use 8 coupons of HE/Aussie with 8 products, the last coupon will beep. Or if you try to use 2 coupons on 2 products, the 2nd coupon will beep. I read to have the store scan the $1 ones first and then the $3Q. When I bought 8 products, the last $3Q beeped saying not enough products or something. I tried to have them scan another $1Q, but I got the same error.

Then when I went to another store looking for razors to no avail, I bought 2 more HE/Aussie products and some Duracell batteries to finish the gas deal. It took the first $1Q, and the $3Q beeped. When they had an HE/Aussie deal a few weeks ago, I used 2 $3Q on 2 products, both stylers and neither Q beeped, but the products were over $3.

My assumption is is taking $3 off one product, however 4 products equal $9.96, which is less than $12 if you had 4, so the last one beeps??? So if you want to avoid beepage, buy an even number of products, but use an ODD number of 8 products, use 7 coupons. Maybe use the $3Q first?

And the $1.50IP for Skintimate beeped like crazy too and I bought the correct product.

Anonymous said...

Randalls had Dr Pepper 4/$10!!!

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

Thanks Anon, I was sort of hoping to get it at CVS beceause then the $10/50 would pay for them and I could justify my bad habit, lol. Might have to break down and get at Randalls though

Ashley S. said...

Weird your paper did not have the Kotex coupons, I'm in Houston and got it! Although I did not notice them at first...there were 3 small coupons at the bottom of a page, 1 for lines, 1 pads, and 1 for tampons.

Anonymous said...

How did you get Dr P for .88?? It was $1.89 at all the stores I went to!

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

anon, I didn't get the dp for .88, not sure where you are reading that? Mine was 1.89

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