Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Are You Honest?

This is an interesting social experiment. Honest Tea is setting up unmanned pop-up stores with ice-cold drinks across the United States. Each stand will ask visitors to leave a $1 in exchance for each bottle they take. This will be on the honor system but will have hidden camaras to catch the action and see who the most Honest city is! Kind of a neat experiment.
If you city is not participating, you can participate online and get real time updates on which city is the most Honest. Tell them whether you would be Honest or not and earn a limited edition coupon for $1 for Honest Tea! This coupons come in handy for CVS ECBs deal.
(When it takes you to facebook, click the Honest Cities tab NOT the coupon tab)
I do have a question for the folks at Honest Tea! Since I consider coupons a form of payment, would it be HONEST of me to leave a $1 Honest tea coupon for a bottle I take? What do you think readers?

Don't understand my lingo? Go here.  
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supersaversarah said...

I say it's perfectly fine to leave a $1 coupon. As you said, coupons are a form of payment; not a discount. :)

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing! guess great minds think alike:)

Anonymous said...

Well before I saw this post, I knew nothing about this company! I went to "Blues on the Greens" Wednesday night in Austin, and they had a stand. At the end of the evening when everyone was packing up to go, the Gattis pizza stands were selling pizzas for $5. And someone said that the "tea" stand were just giving away their drinks, and that happened to be the "Honest" stand. Little did I know! I took one for me and one for someone else; I thought they were out and out free! Not a social experiment!

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