Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cvs run - Happy to get cheap Prevacid, and surprise ECB coupon tonight!

I was so happy to finally find a decent deal on Prevacid. Lucky for me the magic coupon machine keeps printing out a $10/50 so that certainly helped.

I got the diapers for my niece as they are on clearance for $2.87 a pack and we got insert coupons this weekend for $1.50 off any pack! Helped get me up to the $50 purchase before coupons.
Well, I was suprised by the magic coupon machine when it spit out a coupon for 2 free jumbo packs of diapers! (apparantly there is a hidden diaper deal on Huggies, you earn a free pack for each 6 you buy and I bought 15 packs on Friday, so 2 free YIPPEE!

Here is the breakdown of my transaction tonight:
2 Pantene shampoo/conditioner $6.97 - $3/2 insert 6-19 SS = $3.97
Earns $2 ECB for a final price of .99 each

2 Oral B indicator toothbrushes $1.99 each - $2/2 insert 7-3 P&G = $1.98
Earn $1 ECB for each one, making them both free

2 Prevacid 14 count $11.49 each - $4 booklet(found at Kroger pharmacy) = $14.98
Earn $10 ECB for buying $20 worth of participating products

7 Huggies diapers $2.87 - $1.50 insert 7-17 SS = $9.59

-$10/50 CRT coupon
Paid $21.28 oop but got back $14 in ECBs so really only cost me $7.28 overall. (That is like paying ~ $1 a pack per diaper and getting everything else FREE!)

I also received the following Mystery Coupons from the coupon machine(they call them mystery coupons in the ad)
$5 off any $20 Revlon or Maybelline Cosmetic Purchase
$5 off Facial skin care purchase, $20 or more (both these expire tomorrow!)

Also, I noticed the ad mentions a new Olay rebate for $20 back when you buy $50 worth of Olay, I will post this in a separate post so those not shopping CVS will see it as well! Need to come up with a good scenario to make this a money maker! (Ok, I cannot find this rebate offer on the Olay website, hmmmm)

Other deals I noticed but decided not to do this week:
Crest toothpaste $1.99
Earn $1 ECB (limit 2)
We have .75 inserts from P&G making it .24 after coupon and ECBS

Xtra 28 load detergent $1.49
-$1/2 insert 5-1 SS
=.99 each

Chex Mix $1
$1/2 or .50/1 insert 7-10 SS
=.50 each

Gillette ProGlide razors $9.99
Earns $4 in ECBs
-$4 insert 6-5 P&G
=$1.99 each

Gillette Fusion gel $2.27
Earns $2 in ECBS
-$1 insert 6-5 P&G
=Profit of .73 (thanks reader Raquel who posted in chat)

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Ginny H said...

That's an awesome deal on the clearance diapers and the coupon for free diapers!!!

Heather said...

As soon as I saw your post about the free diapers I immediately went to cvs to scan my card and get my 2 free packs (I also purchased 16 on friday!) but no luck for me :(. I wonder if it will print for me some other day??

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

Heather, what time did you purchase the diapers on Friday? Perhaps it has to be exactly 2 days before they print. I do know my receipt bottom shows my total as 15 and says I get a free pack for each 6. I don't know any more about this promotion as I was super suprised!

Brittany said...

Keeping my fingers corossed that the free pack promo stays active a bit longer! I checked 4 stores today and 2 of them had the diapers, but they were still ringing up @ 50% off. :(

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

I got another free pack coupon today from the ones I bought Sunday :). Hopefully using these on the full price larger size diapers will count toward the promo too and I can get more freebies :)

steph said...

I am pretty sure the using the free coupon on the purchase 6 will work - if not we will both find out soon.
I got 2 newborns (only 50% off) and 1 free jumbo pack this morning. for a total of $3.84
I used the free jumbo coupon
$4/$20 coupon
1 $3 off huggies
1 $1.50 off huggies

I am lucky that the store I keep hitting does not have the shelf marked as clearance so no one else is picking them up. but they scan 50% off.

Thank you for your site and sharing your great deals! you are truly appreciated!

Anonymous said...

CVS is smart :) They know how to make consumers buy, buy, buy, buy and use,use, giving out the tempting ECBs. However, ECBs are good.

Just make sure, you dont end up buying just because you have an ECB at your disposal ;)

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