Monday, February 14, 2011

Walgreens Diaper Deal - Borrow an Older relative to make it cheaper!

You might have read about the great deal already on Walgreens diapers, but if not, I am going to tell you anyway, lol.

This week, the Walgreens diapers are buy 1 get 1 free @ 8.99. If you look around the beauty counter, front of store or pharmacy area, you should be able to find the pictured Infant Care booklets that have a $2 off Walgreens diaper coupon inside. You will only need 1 coupon and it will take off for ALL the diapers in your transaction.
So basically buy 2 @ 8.99 - $4 = 4.99 per set or 2.49 a pack of diapers!

Well, if you are lucky and have an AARP member (or multiple members) in your family, then you are in for an awesome addition. There is a February promo going for AARP members to earn a $3 RR when they purchase $10 worth of Walgreens brand items. (The $10 has to be after ALL Walgreens discounts, so this is what I did)
4 diapers @ 8.99 x 2 = 17.98
1 Walgreens straws .99 (filler to get to $10 Wags brand AFTER wags coupon)
-$8 Walgreens diaper coupon (this makes you .02 short for $10 with just the diapers)
= $10.97 and earn $3 RR

So, basically $2.75 $1.99 per pack of diapers and the straws were free :)

*Please note, this promo only works ONCE per AARP card so you might want to borrow a few Older friends if you need more diapers ;P
I borrowed my mom, too bad my dad didn't visit with her, lol.

Thanks Hollie for catching my mistake *blushing


Anonymous said...

Hey, I thought you were a math geek? LOL!
Your math is off chicka....
"So, basically $2.75 per pack of diapers and the straws were free :)"
Change to....
So, basically $1.99 per pack of diapers and the straws were free :)

I thought, "Whaaa??? Why mess with the AARP discount if it's cheaper to not??" Ha, ha!
Thanks for the deal

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

lol Hollie, oops
Can you tell my brain is trying to prepare for Kroger and totally not into Walgreens, lol.
I only went to Wags because my RR were expiring and my mom is an AARP member (lucky me!)

Allie said...

anyone tried this on the training pants? just hopeful.

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