Saturday, February 19, 2011

A few good deals at your local Safeway (Randalls, Tom Thumb)

I had a friend send this deal to me so sorry for the blurry picture(thanks Jaws for sending this :)
The 3 day Safeway ad in the Sunday paper (we get an early edition here in Houston) has a 3 day sale with a few select coupons and this one drew the attention of a fellow friend on a yahoo group. When she emailed me I requested a picture of the ad because I knew we just recently got coupons for this (I LOVE grape tomatoes and rarely buy because my husband and I can wipe them out within the hour and they are usually $3 and up)
Well, when I saw this I said YES!!! We have .55 coupons from 1-30 SS, I am stocking up!
Ok, I know you cannot read the fine print due to the quality of the picture, however, it does state you have to have a minimum $10 order to get these for .99.  Well, you can either use the next items I am about to list to get you to that total OR you can simply add a $10 Safeway gift card to the transaction to get them with the same result!  Then, you can just rinse and repeat the deal.

Another deal to help you get to the $10 amount for the cherry tomatoes you might want to look at! OR if you just need other supplies that you don't have coupons for, you will definitely want to look at this.
Today I found these little bags of Millstone coffee for $1.69 OR $1.75. There is only one type of "true" coffee in this size so I spread my love around not to clear shelves. I don't personally drink coffee but my husband does and he doesn't drink what he calls "girly" coffee (ie flavored!, they have vanilla, hazelnut, etc).
Anyway, I found these tiny bags pictured for $1.69 or $1.75 (price varied by store) and the $2 insert coupon from 2-13 RP works beeplessly at Safeway(Randalls and Tom Thumb). Not only that, but I noticed on the receipt the coupon is scanning as taxable even though the coffee is not taxable (at least in TX), so basically this coupon is taking off $2 plus your tax rate even though the coffee was not taxed. (I was making anywhere from .42 to .48 a piece)  GREAT deal.  Thanks to triplets and centsable.

And finally, (sorry no pic on this since I already gave them away!).
I found some Pillsbury Valentine ready to bake shaped sugar cookies on sale for $1.50 with 50% stickers on them.  That made them just .75 each, but then, 2 $1 shortcuts coupons came off making them a .50 money maker!  Again another item to help get to the $10 threshold for the Nature Sweet tomatoes :)

Edit to add:  I cannot believe I forgot about this deal. (Thanks Nina for the reminder).  On the front page of the weekly ad, they have an offer for buy 2 coke 12 packs, get 2 free + 2 free boxes of Nabisco crackers.  I see NO reason why you cannot use the free 12 pack of coke coupons you should be getting in the mail if you took advantage of the offer from MyCokeRewards I posted back here.   That is AWESOME!  I am actually waiting for my mom to send me hers so I can double her addiction, I mean Coke supply ;P
(limit 2 free crackers per transaction, so you will want to break up your transactions if you have more coupons than 2).


pam said...

YAY the tomatoes totally made my day! My son & me can wipe these out as fast as you & your hubby probably. I forsee lots of tomatoes this week :D


Nina said...

There is also a deal for Buy 2 12pack Coke products and get 2 free and 2 Nabisco snack crackers free. Do you know if you can use the free 12pack coupons from my coke rewards to get it all for free? also, could you use it to get up to the 10 dollars for the tomatoes?

Mary @ Hooked on Bargains said...

Are these regional coupons? I don't have either of them! :(

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

I didn't think so Mary, but maybe so ????

qrazyguy said...

I use the MCR coupons all the time for these B2G2 deals at Randall's!! How much are the 12 packs this week? Often when they run this deal they are 4.99 but IIRC last time they offered the two "free" Nabisco crackers with it the cost of the 12-packs was raised to 5.99!

Can a $1/2 coupon be used beeplessly on the Nabisco crackers? Are the Ritz included because if so there is a .75/1 in the JOF book.

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

qrazy , they are 5.99 and I am not sure the crackers participating yet, I am waiting on my moms coupons and hope they come in Tuesday

Anonymous said...

I was told today that Randall's does not accept coupons that have the words "free" on them. Can anyone verify this? I had 2 coke & 1 sobe, the courteous cashier said if the coupon has the word free anywhere on it-i would have to use it somewhere else:) lol

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Jamie, your cashier is confused. Randalls does not take internet printed coupons for free items but all others are fine. Their coupon acceptance policy can be found here: I suggest you make a copy and take it with you. I believe they are misquoting rule 18 that applies only to internet printed coupons

qrazyguy said...

I found a .75/2 powerade coupon at Valero. I plan to use them tonight to help me get $50 to use my $10/$50. They are .79 card price and then .60 with the in-ad Q limit 10. So after the Q will be .225 each :-)

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

qrazy, sorry I did not answer you completely, and not sure if you have done your run yet. It is ok to use a $1/2 Nabisco cracker coupon(not sure if it is beepless as I am slated to go tonight) because the crackers being free is a store coupon that comes off and the $1/2 is a manuf. coupon. :)

Hollie @ Happy Couponing said...

Be on the lookout at Tom Thumb (found mine at the Customer Service desk) for a coupon for $1 off your produce purchase of $5+ purchased in a single transaction, limit 1, exp 08/03/11!!! It is on the back side of a pamphlet that says "Simple Nutrition" on the front.

Also my Tom Thumb has started carring the Athenos Yogurt & it's priced at 99¢ thru May. I was never able to find it at Wal-Mart so I still had 4 $1 off IP's that did beep but they adjusted them down to 99¢=FREE!

In the travel section they have 1 load boxes of Tide for $1, use the 35¢ MFGC in 01/30 PG, exp 02/28, to get it for FREE!

2 of my TT's have LOTS of breakfast bars on clearance so take your coupons for Nature Valley, Pop Tarts, Fiber One, Quaker Chewy & Planters with ya just in case!

Hope you find the same deals!

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