Thursday, February 24, 2011

Safeway - WOW!!!! Can't wait to get my Sunday paper

Again, I have a super awesome friend that sent me this ad she found by accident at her store yesterday (thanks Courtney). Lucky for Courntey, her store accidently put out the wrong 3 day Sunday-Tuesday ad and she didn't realize it until she got home and looked at the dates.

Readers, you need to start clipping those frozen foods coupons, because you will be busy at Randalls loading up on cheap goodies!
First off, notice the HOT $5/15 coupon(excludes meat and seafood) on this page of the 3 day ad!

WOW!  Right off that is 1/3 savings!  This is a store coupon too, so you can combine with other manufacturer coupons.  Also, notice above this coupon there is a picture of a new Randalls coupon booklet. You will want to start looking NOW for this booklet as it is chock full of GREAT coupons to combine with this upcoming sale.
Safeway Q's expire 4/30/11 minimum 10.00 purchase required, all with card and coupon.

Safeway Select complete meal 9.99
Safeway Select Pizza 14.25 to 32.7oz
Eating Right or Safeway Select entree 5.45-12.4oz. 1.00/4
Lucerne 12ct novelties 1.99
Safeway Select 1.5ct Ice Cream 1.99

Manufacturer Coupons expire 4/30/11, LOCPV=limit one coupon per visit
Birds Eye, Steamfresh or C&W vegetables 1.00/2
Wanchai Ferry Frozen entree or Romano's macaroni grill (excludes dry kits) 1.00/1
Michael Angelos single serve entree 1.00/2
Ore-Ida sweet potato fries 1.00/1
Ore-Ida frozen hash browns 1.00/2
Green Giant valley fresh steamers or boil in a bag veg. 1.00/3
Boca meatless product 1.00/2
Kashi frozen entrees, baked products, or pizza products LOCPV 1.00/2
Morningstar Farms veggie food products LOCPV 1.00/2
Stouffers entrees or dinners 1.00/3
Lean Cuisine entrees 6-16oz. 1.00/3
Healthy Choice entrees 1.00/2
Alexia 1.00/2
Freshetta multi-serve pizzas 1.00/2
Hot Pockets or Lean Pockets sandwiches or snackers 6.5-25oz. 1.00/3
California Pizza Kitchen 1.00/1
Digiorno Pizza 12.6-36.8oz. excludes singles 1.00/1
Kelloggs Eggo 5.3oz or larger LOCPV 2.00/3
Jimmy D's 1.00/1
Hungry-Man entrees 1.00/2
Weight Watchers Smart Ones breakfast items 2.00/4
Krusteaz breakfast products 1.00/2
Pepperidge Farm bread or dessert product 1.00/2
Weight Watchers frozen novelties 1.00/2
Dove Multi-pack or miniatures ice cream items 1.00/2
Snickers or Twix multi-pack or 8.67oz. or larger ice cream items 1.00/2
Haagen-Dazs 3.6oz, Dreyers Fun Flavors 5.8oz, Skinny Cow 5.8oz Cups B5G1F
Skinny Cow frozen treats 4pk or larger 1.00/1
Marie Callenders or Claim Jumper Pie 1.50/1
Marie Callenders Meal 1.00/1

Different Expiration dates, Manufacturer Coupons

Tony's product 1.00/2 valid 3/1-4/30
New York Brand 1.00/2 5/15/11  (Thanks to therealstarlett on SD for the list of coupons)

Another great page was this one:
I was excited to see the Dr Pepper is going to be .77.  I have been finding several hangtags for .55/1 so I can get my addiction for cheap :)
Also, the Skippy peanut butter is going to be $1.49 again, so you have 2 days to get cheap peanut butter with the $1 coupons from the Joy of Football Safeway coupon booklets. (There is also a loadable on the Randalls website for Skippy)
Also, the Kens dressing is going to be $1.19 with in ad coupon and there was a regional coupon for $1 in the 1-9 SS.

Then, we have this page that has some promise
Quaker Oatmeal for $1.77 (limit 4).  Combine with the $1 off insert from 1-30 RP.  There is a current catalina deal:  buy 3, get $1 back, buy 4 get $2 back, buy 5 get $3 back,  through 3/6, combine with the $1 coupons for a cost of $1.08/4 after catalina.

I am excited!!! Are you?


Mary said...

CAN'T WAIT!! :) This makes me feel a little better about not getting the great Target frozen foods promo.

Anonymous said...

Is there a page to get the coupons I need to cut out for this sale?

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Anon, I am not really sure what you are asking?

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

no kidding Mary, the cooler offer was a dud

Anonymous said...

Where do I go to know what will be on sale and what coupon can be used for it. Sorry about the misunderstanding.

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