Friday, February 25, 2011

RUN - Don't Walk to RecyleBank to get your $2 off Kashi coupon

Not sure how long this coupon is going to last, but RecycleBank has brought back the reward of a $2 off Kashi cereal coupon for only 10 50 Recyclebank points.(guess they saw how popular it was and upped the value :(  If you have not joined yet, go here to sign up.  Right on the Earn points page, you should easily be able to score about 110 points just by playing a game, telling them you saw them on tv, etc.  Hurry as these coupons probably will NOT last long. (The Naked Juice, Coors and Seen on tv)
These coupons will make the Kashi FREE at CVS next week as I reported here.

*Hint, if you hit back button and refresh after your first print, you will be able to print a second coupon!  And then say HI to your free Kashi on Sunday :)


Anonymous said...

Thank you I love Kashi

Maria S. said...

There's also a pretty nice coupon for Staples that is printed from home, so we can use it right away, it's on special for just 10 points and it's for $10.00 off $50.00. IF this coupon is good on all the rebate items they offer, it could be a good extra savings.

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