Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sweet new feature on Coupon Network

Yay!!! It seems Catalina has finally gotten enough gripes about their offers being a mystery to do something about it. There used to be a site when I first started couponing that would sometimes tell you about hidden catalina deals and everytime I have called Catalina I have begged them to make a site.

Well, it might not be a 100% offerings, but it is a start.
Next time you go to CouponNetwork, create an account and log in.
Next, click the tab at the top that says My Account. Toward the bottom of the pop up it will ask you what stores you shop. Populate this with your local stores (I put Kroger, Randalls, Gerlands, Foodtown, Walgreens, Heb and Fiesta). Once you have done that, close that pop up and click the YourBucks offer tab. Then if you scroll your mouse of the Mystores tab in the middle, you will see it list your stores and a number next to it.
Click one of your stores and voila, you have a list of catalina offerings for that store. (Again, it does not seem to list ALL the offerings, but a good way to find out some of the catalina offerings and details about end dates and purchase requirements) YAY!!!

Thanks nessykins on SD for this info.


Anonymous said...

Can you print coupons off this site?

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

yes anon, there are also printable coupons on that site. Just make sure you are on the printable coupons tab and not the yourbucks offers tab.

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