Sunday, February 27, 2011

Randalls run to scout out Frozen food deal

I went to Randalls today to scout out the frozen food deal and hopefully find tons of HOT goodies. I do have to say I left rather disappointed as currently there is NOTHING we can get for free from this sale, unless you score a clearance find like I did. So, first let me tell you the other deals I found, then I will run some numbers and scenarios you can do with some of the frozen items.

Tide Stain Release spray $2.99 - $3 P&G insert 1-30 P&G (expires Monday) = FREE

O Organic apple slices $3.99 each - $2 each with Sunday in ad coupon - $1 each from Jan 2011 produce booklet(pictured up front) - $1/$5 produce purchase coupon(since price before in ad coupon was $7.98) = .98/2  woo hoo!!!

Ranchers Reserve meat$2.31 - $1.16 for 50% sticker -$2 Joy of Football booklet = -.85

And finally for my run
4 Morningstar Farms $3.99 each - $2 for 50% stickers - $5/15 frozen from in ad - $3/3 booklet - $1 booklet(I found these booklets at Kroger) = -$1.04

Another deal I did but did not picture
3 Ore Ida sweet potato fries $3.49 each - $3 instantly for buying 3 - 3 $1 Frozen food booklet
3 Eggos products $2 each - $2/3 Frozen food booklet - $5/15 Sunday ad coupon
= $3.47 for all 6 boxes or .58 an item

*Have to give kiddos a bath, but come back because I will post other scenarios later......

Thanks HCW and SD for the non frozen deals!


Mary S. said...

Thanks for the heads up on Tide stain remover. I was able to get three bottles today for FREE.

I also used two $2 beef coupons from the Randall's booklet on some steak packages that were marked down 50%. The receipt did not reflect my $4 dollar savings (2x $2) so I had to go to customer service to get a refund. This happens to me every single time I shop at Randalls. The cashiers scan the coupons so fast and they don't even check to make sure the coupon is applied. When I tell the cashier that I think some coupons may have been missed they assure me they got them all...then of course I check the receipt and they did not get them all. This happens at Randalls more often than other stores. Wonder why. I still like Randalls but I find myself shopping at Target more and more since they usually are more attentive to coupons and whether or not they scan correctly.

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Mary, did you check the ring up price on your meat? These coupons actually don't show up on the bottom of your receipt like most, but actually will show the meat at $2 less than what is on the tag price.

Mary S. said...

Stephanie, yes I did check price of the meat on the receipt. The cashier supervisor also checked my receipt as well as the customer service person. It just did not apply my coupon anywhere. Oh well, they did make it right and refund my money. It is just so inconvenient to stand there checking my receipt and then talking to the supervisor, then standing in line at Cust Serv...all with a grumpy 2 year old in the basket trying to climb out. I did get an awesome rib-eye for a great price so that helps.
Thanks for the shopping tips.

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