Sunday, January 30, 2011

Great deal on Skippy Peanut Butter at Randalls

For those of you that have not been able to find the Joy of Football books at Randalls, or even for those that don't want to mess with even attempting to get 9 jars of peanut butter at CVS (or a raincheck for 9 jars), this is a pretty awesome deal.

This weekend the inserts had a coupon for .50 off Skippy peanut butter. But as you all should know(at least in TX) that .50 coupon is doubled to $1 in Randalls and Tom Thumb. Todays supplement also had this Randalls coupon making Skippy peanut butter just $1.49 with coupon (if you don't get the paper most stores will have this Sunday supplement with the regular weekly ads)
So, take your .50 coupon and this Randalls coupon and you can get peanut butter for .49 a jar!!!! That is an awesome price seeing as it is currently $2.59 at Kroger :0

Ok, I know what you are saying, you are reading the fine print right now on the Randalls coupon and saying, but Stephanie, I have to spend $10 first to get my .49 peanut butter.
And now I share a little trick with you that has always worked for me (disclaimer: I am not saying all stores will allow the rolling of this but I have personally never had an issue doing this). By a Safeway giftcard for $10.

I purchase a $10 Safeway giftcard and my peanut butter. I pay $10.49 and get my jar of peanut butter and a $10 gc that I can use at a later date(that NEVER expires)
Then tomorrow, if I want, I will go in and do it again, BUT this time, my total will be $10.49 and I will pay $10 of it with my gift card and .49 oop.
At the end, I will have as many jars of peanut butter as the patience I have had to do the deal and a $10 gc for future purchase. IT will get used the next deal I find :)


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