Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Walgreens run 12-28

I had several Jingle Cash expiring today so I HAD to make a trip to Walgreens.Here is a pic of me shopping:
(ok, just kidding, my sister in law bought me this mini cart for Christmas because she thought it would be cute on my desk.  Well, my daughter decided to draw me AND a coupon binder to decorate the shopping cart! too cute)
Anyway (sorry, goofy tonight)
There are a few HOT deals this week at Walgreens you will want to try to get your hands on.

First, Nyquil Sinex!!!!!
The boxes pictured are $5 on sale (not all stores have these marked, but trust me, they work)
Use the $4 coupons we just got(or the ones last month that expire 12-31)
Pay $4 for the 4 boxes and get $10 back for a profit of $6
(If you only have 3 coupons, you can get 3 and earn a $5 RR so still a small profit)

If you have any of the left over free Puffs tissue coupons you can use two of those too to get free tissues, but I used all mine at HEB because I wanted certain tissues.

There is also a deal on Chex Mix.  The smaller bags are .99 this week and there is an escalating RR deal:
Buy 3 get $1.50, buy 4 get $2.50 or buy 5 get $3.50
I opted for 4 at a time because I only had 8 coupons and it worked better with my $2 Jingle cash I was rolling.
The chocolate are part of the deal, so make sure you use the .50/1 from the 11-14 GM.
Then, go here to print the .50 off any.
If you use these coupons and get 3, your profit will be .03, for 4 it will be .54 and for 5, it will be $1.05!

The final deal I scored was the CoverGirl TruCheeks blush
On clearance for $1.79 at my store and rings up buy 1 get 1 50%
$1.79 + .89 = $2.68
-$2.50/2 insert
= .18 for 2 or .09 each!

Thanks HCW for the info


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