Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Kroger - P&G mega deal and some other HOT finds!

(sorry for the fuzzy pics, new smart phone I am trying to learn)

When I dropped my kids off at school this morning, I decided to run into the Kroger across the street to see if there were any good deals.  BOY was I unprepared!  So, I went home, regrouped quickly and still went out unprepared, but better prepared than I was this morning, lol.(just ask reader Ana how disorganized I am- she saw me shopping today and stopped me to say hello - hope I spelled your name correctly :)

I scored some really good deals as well as saw some really good pricing on other items I did not take advantage of.  SO, instead of doing my line item breakdown, I am just going to tell you the HOT buys and you can decide for yourself which deals you want to hit up.
First, Kroger has added quite a few new loadables to their site, so you may want to hop over there and see what is offered before you make your trek out.  Keep in mind though it is Kroger's policy not to take a loadable coupon on an item you have a paper coupon on.  I am listing both so you know what is available.

Many of the Kroger loadables are really handy with the new P&G promotion Kroger is running.  Currently, they are offering $4 off for each set of 4 participating products you purchase in a single transaction.  I will list these first, then list the other sale items.
Keep in mind I am listing prices AFTER the $4 comes off, hence, with coupons, some of these items will allow for overage!

P&G promotion (buy 4 save $4, price is AFTER $4 discount):

Herbal Essences or Aussie s/c and stylers $1.94
-Bogo insert 12-26 P&G
-$1 insert 11-28 P&G(expires 12-31!) or
-.50 insert 11-14 RP (expires 12-31!)
= -.06 (assumes cashier takes off $2.94 on bogo since that is ring up price)

Dawn dish soap $1.49 (Olay hand renewal IS part of sale!)
-.50 Kroger ecoupon
-.50 insert  11-28 or 12-26 P&G
-.25 insert 11-28 or 12-26 P&G
= varies

Olay Quench body lotion on closeout $2.83 * (others were 3.79 AFTER discount)
-$1.50 Kroger ecoupon
-$2 insert 12-26 P&G
= varies

Crest 3d toothpaste $1.50
-$.75 Kroger ecoupon
-.50 insert 12-26 P&G
= varies

Glide floss $1.50
-$.75 Kroger ecoupon
- $1 insert 11-28 P&G (expires 12-31!)
= varies

Febreze air effects Christmas .39
-$1  Kroger ecoupon
-$1 insert 11-28 P&G
= -.61 !!!!!  HOT 

Cover Girl puff $1.18
-$2.50/2 insert 12-26 P&G
= -.14

Cover Girl eye shadow $1.24
-$2.50/2 insert 12-26 P&G
= -.02
Cover Girl brow pencil 2 pack $1.69
-$2.50/2 insert 12-26 P&G
= .88/2

Crest Pro Health Complete $3.49
-$1 Kroger ecoupon
-$2 insert 12-26 P&G

Oral B toothbrush $1.50
-.75 Kroger ecoupon
-.75 insert 11-28 P&G or
-$.75 insert 11-14 RP

Charmin $5.99
-$3 Kroger ecoupon
-$1 homemailer or insert 11-28 P&G
-.25 insert 11-28 P&G

Tide Stain release $5.99
-$3 Kroger ecoupon
-$3 homemailer

NON P&G promotion:

Pampers Kandoo hand soap clearance $1.64
-$1 insert 4-4 P&G
= .64

Pampers Kandoo wipes 40 ct $1.50
-$1 insert 4-4 P&G
= .50
Bendaroos Christmas 50% clearance $9.99
-$3 Kroger ecoupon
-$3 IP
= $6.99

Zone Perfect bars $1
-$1 insert 10-31 SS

Ivory bodywash $1
-.50 Kroger ecoupon
-.25 insert 11-28 P&G 

Safeguard 2 bar soap $1
-.35 insert 11-28 P& G

Coast 2 bar soap $1
-.50 IP

Mirra pouf $1
-$1 insert 10-24 SS
= FREE  (coupon beeps for those of you with Senior discount on your card!)

Sinex $6.99
-$4 Kroger ecoupon
-$4 insert 
= $2.99

Milky Way .50
-.50/2 IP

If you see anything else, please post in comments and I will add to the list :)


katrina said...

I'm new to couponing at Kroger and appreciate your help so much!

I saw the promo yesterday & got a list from the display :)


Anonymous said...

There is also a $1 off Pampers Kandoo coupon in 09/26 PG.

Gas-X Prevention, 20-ct is $3.99 thru 01/09
Use the $4 coupon in 12/12 SS or on coupons.com to get it FREE!

qrazyguy said...

Thank you sooooooo much for these match ups! Question for you, why can I not find the $2.50/2 cover girl coupon in the last P&G insert? I have looked through all of mine and I just can't see it anywhere! What page is it on? I even looked in the couponmom database and according to it as well that coupon should be there.

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

hmmm, I don't know, they were in my inserts. I think they were about 5-6 pages in. Has Ellen D. on the page with a $1/1 and $2.50/2

qrazyguy said...

thanks for checking for me, my inserts have the pic of ellen but no coupon on that page :-( Guess it's a regional difference, I bought most of these papers in Louisiana last weekend, however I did get one as part of my home subscription here in Houston and no cover girl coupon there either. Being a guy I don't need the stuff but if it helps get me overage I will buy it :-)

The Tide Stain Release I saw at my store was 4.99 (not 5.99) after the P&G discount :-)

I also got overage on the Old Spice deodorant paired with the body wash. There are BOGO Q's and $1/2 MQ's, and also a $1/2 EQ on the deodorants!

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

qrazy, I figured you were buying just for the overage, lol. I will revise the Tide Stain Release price(I was trying to go from memory)

The febreze air effects is a great mm if you can find the Christmas clearance ones. But those coupons expire today so you will need to hurry

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

qrazy, do you have the price of the Os deod and bodywash handy?


qrazyguy said...

ZM, I found the Christmas air effects at one store but still have a couple more cards to use so I am running back out to the store today to buy a couple more. I think the stores close at 10 PM tonight!

The OS body wash was 2.50 after the discount and the OS deodorant was 1.29. Secret deodorant is also 1.29 after discount making them .29 after using the .50/1 MQ.

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