Wednesday, December 29, 2010

TLC - Extreme Couponers, one saving grace of the show

I just finished watching Extreme Couponers on TLC and this post is for my normal readers as well as all you folks that are just googling wanting to know how to coupon.  This show certainly did show the "underground" of couponing, lol, but in all the EXTREMES they showed, I was most taken by Joyce from Philadelphia.

Joyce was what MOST of us couponers are actually like.  Joyce was the couponer you need to look and say, I can do this.  The creation of this blog was originally to advertise coupon classes myself and a few coupon buddies held and to have a sign up sheet.  Since then, life has gotten busy (hey we are moms, full time employees, and couponers!)  and we no longer do the classes due to scheduling issues (and venues :)

What does this mean to you?  Well, I originally wanted to expand this blog as a way to expand your knowledge of how to use coupons, and yet I don't have a beginners guide on here.  I do try to "show the math" as much as possible, but unless you really know how to start or rather "how to coupon" or "how to be a couponer", this is of little assistance.

So, in an effort to help you get started, I am going to post our class presentation.  I will post a little at a time to not overwhelm and I will have a permanent link to all these posts on my header bar.

I truly hope this will help some of you cut your budget in half.  You don't have to be extreme and get $500 worth of stuff for $2, but just think of not paying for personal care items again (or at least getting them at a fraction of what you are paying now!)

So if you are new, stick around and hopefully I can teach you how to be a couponer.  And for those that are already my readers, no worries, all my surprise finds and deals will still be posted for your reading enjoyment :)

For those just starting out, please click the link on my tab bar(right underneath my blog picture) on How to be a Couponer. I will be adding to this as time allows.


Frugal Darling said...

I loved Joyce too. My favorite part of the show was when she was in the store, trying to set other shoppers straight! LOL I've wanted to do that -- it hurts to watch people pay full price! And she was so happy at checkout. It was cute.

Viva la dumpster diving!! :D

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I found your website a couple of weeks ago, I am so new to couponing that this presentation will definitely help me. Thank you!

Jeannine said...

I watched the show for the first time with my husband last night and we were both amazed. I always looked at coupons as a hassle but to see how they work for people took me back. I also agree that Joyce was really great. I can see being like her. I even woke up in the middle of the night thinking about getting free toilet paper, lol. I don't don't know about you guys but toilet paper doesn't last around here. I can't wait to learn some great tips on how to be a couponer.

The Slott Family Blog said...

I agree! Joyce was my favorite and the most "realistic". I had to laugh at her helping all the customers. I probably don't do it as much as her, but I'm always trying to help others see how easy it is to coupon too.

Kyle and Ali said...

I agree about Joyce. She was cute! :) I am curious, what do these people do with their huge stockpiles of perishables??? Like how in the world do you ever use 300 bottles of salad dressing before it expires??? And who would want to use 34 year old deodorant?? That's what I don't get. I understand stockpiling to a certain extent but those they showed were truly "extreme"! Crazy!

Chrysalis Society said...

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