Saturday, December 10, 2011

This is hilarious - oh and there is a coupon in it for you

OMG! I have to thank my husband for finding this and sending me the link (don't even ask me where he found it)

Anyway, you HAVE to click this link and type in your name. Wait a few seconds and make sure the sound is on. Enjoy Ob's triple apology and then enjoy a $2 coupon. For my Canadian readers, there is a link for you after entering your name. I am assuming the difference is the coupon will be of the Canadian Standard.


*Dh told me he found the link by following Neil Gaiman on twitter.

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BaileyRose said...

Love it. I heard about it but did not realize how much I would like it.

Rosanna said...

That's AWESOME. And I have to tell you, I wouldn't have opened it. But you used caps on "HAVE" to open it, so I did.

I have to ask, though: WHY are they sorry?

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