Thursday, December 8, 2011

HOT news from Cellfire! Go claim your free money........again

Wow! Not sure if you guys all know this, but back in November when Cellfire did the free .55 or $2 coupon promo(posted about here) they had a big glitch. The coupons were not being deducted at the register as promised.
Because of this, Cellfire has corrected the error and if you log into your account and saved offers, you should once again be allowed to add this coupon onto your shopper card!
I just went in and claimed the .55 off to be used and Randalls YAY. Hurry, you have until December 12th to claim your coupon, but until December 26th to use it.

While there, I would suggest loading the other coupons to your Randalls card. At Randalls, you are given a choice to use either the loadable or a print coupon, so it never hurts to load them onto that card. With Kroger, it is not that way and I do not suggest you load them on your Kroger card if you have paper coupons for the same products.

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