Monday, December 12, 2011

Axe Bodywash just .77 after coupon at Fiesta (or price match at Walmart/Target)

Wow! If you have a Fiesta nearby, you might want to try and make a stop if you have a teenager on your shopping list. I know my 16 year old nephew loves Axe and my mom can NEVER find it free. Well, this might not be free, but pretty close. Through tomorrow, Fiesta has the Axe bodywash on sale for just $2.77. Combine that with the $2 RP coupons from this past weekend and you got yourself a deal!

If you don't have the $2 insert, there is also an IP for $1.50 off shower gel(not sure if this is included in the sale)  Fiesta does not take IPs so this would only be good for those of you price matching.

Note for pricematching: These are in the instore ad, not the homemailer.  I know not all stores carry the in store ad anymore, but the one in Mission Bend does.  If anyone in Sugar Land would like my copy of that ad, you can try to meet up with me tomorrow during my lunch or after work.

Thanks Andy for the heads up and for snapping the picture!

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