Sunday, December 11, 2011

CVS - Scan your card at the Coupon Machine First! - Centrum CRT printing

If you are heading to CVS today to try the Centrum gift card deal posted here, make sure you scan your CVS card at the coupon machine first (always good practice anyway). Andy has reported the machine is printing out a $5 off CRT making this an even bigger money maker if you have today's newspaper $7 coupon. If you don't have the insert coupon, there are multiple $5 coupons here that would make it free with the CRT:
3 Pro Nutrients $29.97
-3 $5 IP
-$5 CRT
=$9.97 get back $10 gift card!

Thanks Andy and Cammy for the update.

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Emily G said...

I didnt get my insert :( And I lost my CVS card. How lucky am I? I so wanted to get this deal. too bad....

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Emily. I went to four cvs in the area and they didnt have one single centrum.

Emily G said...

I know!!! I saw one CVS carrying 2 bottles and thats it. The glade air fresheners are always sold out. Maybe Im neighbors with couponers, too! hehehe

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