Thursday, December 29, 2011

More HEB Scenarios for P&G promotion - December 2011

As I come up with more scenarios I will post to this post so you might want to bookmark this. I am basing some of the pricing on the prices I gathered yesterday and some from prior receipts I have of HEB. Please confirm the prices at your stores and make sure you get to $30 and are not a few pennies short. Prices can vary easily up to .20 or more even with HEBs just a block away from each other.

These scenarios are taking into account coupons we currently have (some expiring 12-31) as well as coupons we are getting this weekend, per the preview.  it is also taking into account you finding the following HEB YQ's I found in my stores today:
Save $4 wyb 3 Always or Tampax feminine care items (B) expires 1-3
Buy Pampers Jumbo diapers, get free wipes 60-72 ct (B) expires 1-10

Also, since this seems to be so popular among my readers, I am bringing back the dissection of this deal like you dissect the "true" cost to you on ECB deals , a cut and paste from my prior wording on this:
(I am going to attempt to break this down similar to how you would an ECB deal.  Bascially, I am going to take the amount of each item the catalina would take off to give you your true cost(the price I show in BLUE).  Now keep in mind, you are going to pay MORE at the register.  You will pay the price after taking coupon off, but BEFORE taking the catalina discount off (discount I have in RED).  The price in blue is basically our after promo price (like your after ECB or RR price at the drugstores - I sure hope this is making sense, lol)
The catalina is basically like taking an extra ~.33 off per $1 spent- just trust me on this.  (Or if you would rather, you multiple the shelf price by 67% to get the cost after catalina (this does assume a total of exactly $30 which you will never hit, but it comes within pennies of the cost as long as you keep close to just right above $30 per transaction))

Fixodent $3.47 - $3 insert 11-27 P&G = $.47 - $1.15 cat earning = profit .68

Pampers diapers $9.47
Pampers wipes $2.37
-$2 insert 11-27 P&G (requires purchase of both)
-$2.37 YQ "B" so it can be combined
-$3.91 cat earning
= $3.56 for both (MUST BUY BOTH)

Tampax Pearl $3.99 (price from my Oct. receipts)
Buy 3 @ 3.99 = $11.97
-3 $2 insert 1-1 P&G
-$4 YQ "B" so it can be combined
-$3.95 cat earning
= profit 1.98 (must buy 3, profit on 3)

Always $3.26 (I think this was the pad pricing, but not 100% sure)
Buy 3 @ 3.26 = $9.78
-3 $1 insert 1-1 P&G
-$4 YQ "B" so it can be combined
-$3.23 cat earning
= profit .45 (must buy 3, profit on 3)

Tide Stain release $3.97(pricing from June 2011 post)
-$2 insert 1-1 P&G (assuming no size restrictions?)

-$1.31 cat earning

Olay Regenerist cloths $6.45
-$3 insert 1-1 P&G (counts as facial cleanser?)

-$2.13 cat earning
=1.32 (and can use toward Olay rebate)

Tide detergent $7.54
-$2 insert or YQ

-$2.49 cat earning

Those are all the prices I currently have, here is a scenario I worked up for those needing diapers!

3 Tampax Pearl
1 Pampers diapers
1 Wipes
2 Fixodent
-$4 YQ for Tampax
-$6 - 3 $2 Tampax mq
-$2 Pampers + wipes mq
-$2.37 Pampers YQ
-$6 - 2 $3 Fixodent mq
=$10.38, earn $10 cat!

More to come when I have more prices.

Don't understand my lingo? Go here.  
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Daysi said...

Thank you so much for the scenario.. you are the best :)

Anonymous said...

You are the greatest! You always do the best job with the HEB scenarios. I picked up diapers, wipes, paper towels, tampons, floss, and plenty of Olay to share with my mom and sister--- all for $1.24 + a stamp :) Thanks for all that you do. Happy 2012!

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