Thursday, December 8, 2011

Free $10 for Groupon Now? Maybe $5?

Ok, I am not sure if you have to get the email for this promo or if you can just go to a link.  But I will put the link here anyway in case it works.  I am also not sure what determines your savings, but my email said $10 and sure enough I got $10, but my friend Erin posted $5 so maybe that is all it offered her????
Let me know if the link works for you, if not, I will try something else.

You will have until December 23rd to use your credit.

Don't understand my lingo? Go here.  
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GlennJ said...

I got a $5 offer - BUT - mine says I only have until 12/11 to get it! I think they might just be mailed out randomly since I haven't even looked at the Groupon site (much bought an offer) since ~August.

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