Monday, December 12, 2011

MyCoke Rewards- Free Instant win games and a few deals

I don't often post about MyCokeRewards because as most of my regular readers know, I don't participate in this program. I am a die hard Diet DP drinker and the rare occassion I earn some coke points, I give them to my mom for her addiction account benefit.  I got a reader email that reminded me there are some hot deals to to be had over there though.
Anyway, that is not to say they don't have some really awesome deals, and even a daily instant win game you can play up to 5 times a day, even if like me, you have 0 points!

First, MyCokeRewards has brought back their Wednesday's deal event for the holidays.  If you have coke points, I suggest you head over to MyCokeRewards every Wednesday morning to see what offerings they have.  These are in limited supply so it pays to check them out early.  Last week the offer was for free homemailer coupons for 12 pack cans for just 30 coke points (these normally cost you 240 coke points, limit was 2).
There are three HOT deals you could get with these Free Coke homemailers. 
1. If they come in time, you can use the 2 coupons at Family Dollar and then mail in your receipt with this rebate form to score two Polar Bear Cups and 30 free Coke points(wow, that is like getting almost all your points back with the 30 free points and the 20 points to two 12 packs will be worth total).
2. If they don't come in time, save the coupons to use at Randalls during there buy 2 get 2 free sale.  The put the cokes on sale about once a month for buy 2 12 packs get 2 free.  Now granted their 12 packs are usually about 4.99-5.99 during this promo, so you will have a slight out of pocket as I believe the free 12 pack coupons are max value of $4?
3. Or, save the free 12 pack coupons for CVS sales.  If I recall, this week CVS has the cokes on the spend $30 get $10 gift card promo this week.  Save the coupons to use for one of those sales to get more bang for your buck!

Another FREE way to accumulate some coke points is through Recyclebank.  You can now redeem your Recyclebank points for MyCokeRewards but they are a little steep in their conversion rate.  Currently though, you can easily get a few hundred Recyclebank points by logging in and selecting the earn points tab.  Most ways to earn are absolutely free and only involve a few moments of your online time taking surveys and pledges.

Now, for those of you like me that have ZERO Coke points, or even for those of you WITH points that you do not want to waste, you will want to listen up.  Go to MyCokeRewards and log into your account(or create one).
Look for this ad:

And click the enter now button.  When you do, do NOT hit enter on the next screen but instead click the link to see rules for details.  Scroll down to rule 5b and click the click here link to get a free code.  Close that and do it again up to 5 times daily.  You now have 5 free instant win entries and can hit the Enter button now to play.  Good luck and let me know if you win :D

Thanks GlennJ for the email and for matching up the Polar Bear Cup promotion with the free 12 packs.

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