Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hello Kitty Watch for under $2.50!!!!

While it might be too late to get this in time for Christmas, I am thinking about ordering a half dozen or so of these for my kiddos next birthday party! She is hooked on Hello Kitty again and has already been asking for a Hello Kitty party and at this price, I think I can give these out as the party favors!

Right now, Focal Price has various Hello Kitty watches for anywhere from $2.42 each to about $3.50. The one pictured is $2.52 in pink and $2.92 in blue(of course my kid is gonna want blue!).

Bonus #1! If you go through Shopathome, you can get 5% cash back or MrRebates is paying 4% cash back with a $5 signing bonus for new accounts (I signed up a few days ago before buying from Toys R Us and already have $6 in my account- $5 from signing bonus and $1 from TRU purchase)

You can just go through one of the cash back sites and in the search type Focal Price. Then I just did a search for Hello Kitty to get all the watches to pop up.

Bonus #2 : Right now you can use code FP6off for 6% off your entire order, regardless of how small. If your purchase is over $20, use code FP8off to get 8% off your order, plus you get a bulk discount if you buy more than 1 like item.
If you go CRAZY on the site and spend $50 or more, use code SHOPHOMED to save $10.

Bonus #3: Shipping is FREE!

I am going to confirm with my daughter she still wants a  Hello Kitty Party and then I plan on doing the following order:
2 off the pictured watch in blue $2.92 = 5.84
7 off the pictured watch in pink $2.52 2.39 x 6 = 14.34
=20.18 - 8% = $18.57
just $2.06 a watch. WOW!

You do have to give your email address and set up a password on the site before your cart will take the discount codes.
I went and priced some not as nice Hello Kitty watches at Target and the plastic kids ones are $5.99 and up and I would rather give something really nice like this as a party favor rather than all those $1 toys that break on the car trip home :D

*These products are coming directly from China so don't express fast shipping, hence the note that you might not get these in time for Christmas.  You are basically cutting out the middle man by ordering direct.

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Anonymous said...

I ordered a couple of these last month for stocking stuffers and they are really nice. & cheap!

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

Thanks Anon, glad to hear they don't look cheap :D

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