Thursday, December 29, 2011

Huggies Santa Diapers - as low as .,06 a diaper

This was posted on my facebook page by reader Elisha so I am just going to cut and paste what she has to say for all you mommies. This sounds like a clearance deal so it might vary greatly. Good luck out there, I know finding diaper deals is always a quest with little ones:

Hey Katy Coupponers, FYI to all the mommies with babies just left Kroger and they have the santa Huggies on sale for $4.69 each I got sz3 which has 29 diapers and I had the $3 off coupons so I paid $1.69 ea for 3 packs which came out to $5.49 for 87 diapers or .06cents each diaper!!!!

Insert date is 11-27 Walmart insert, expires 12-31.

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