Thursday, December 29, 2011

Small Money Maker on Olay at HEB - Good for those with NO P&G inserts right now!

I had a little more time to go to HEB today and found a pretty good deal on Olay!  After the $10 catalina you get back (I mentioned this first in this post), and the $10 rebate you can mail in for spending $30 on Olay, you can score 6 Olay lotions or bodywashes for free (or a small money maker).
I took this picture of the sign posted in my store so you could see this should be highly advertised now in stores and is good through Jan 11th.

Now we are still a bit tight on coupons, as there is currently only 1 active small P&G insert, but this weekend we are getting 4 inserts, one being a brand new P&G (see preview here)

Well, if you go and shop before 12-31, you can score this HOT deal on Olay and you don't even need to bring any manufacturer coupons with you!

As you can see by my picture here, HEB provides all the coupons for you and the bonus is, you don't need fillers and multiple transactions since HEB coupons do not have that pesky limit 4 writing on them!

Now the deal is BEST with the $5.07 Olay Total Effects lotion, but if they don't have at least 6 of those, you can throw in the bodywash* to get to the $30 amount.

Scenario #1 with just lotion @ 5.07 each
Purchase 6 lotions @ 5.07 = $30.42
-6 $2 off ANY Olay ProX, Regenerist or Total Effects product

You will get a $10 oynso for purchasing $30 in P&G products (this prints before you pay, so this is a great time to make sure the catalina machine is working!)
Then mail of for the $10 rebate  for purchasing $30 in Olay products (must be purchased by Dec 31st!)
The $1.58 overage should just about cover your tax and stamp :D

Scenario #2 (what I did since my store only had 2 lotions):
2 lotions @ 5.07
4 bodywashes @ 5.45
-$12 in YQ
$19.94 and earned the $10 catalina and will mail for $10 rebate!  FREE!

*The YQ beeped does not validate for the bodywash but not the lotion.  Cashier agreed coupon was correctly being used and pushed them through, just be prepared for beeps if you buy the bodywash

While at HEB I found a few more yellow coupons and will try to list a few scenarios(especially including diapers) to be done with the potential P&G coupons we are getting this weekend.  I will create a separate post for that.

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Anonymous said...

All of the coupons that I have from the 11/27
P&G insert expired 11-3-2011. Are there other coupons?

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

anon, how would your coupons expires 3 weeks before they came out? If they came out 11-27, it seems odd they would be expired 11-3?

Anonymous said...

THAT would be first!

Anonymous said...

The lotion and body wash are priced higher in the Austin area: $5.87 I think for the body wash, and about 5.50 for the lotion.

Anonymous said...

Is the $10.00 P&G Cat rolling?

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