Friday, February 10, 2012

Teaching this old dog a new trick

Has I have mentioned at least a couple times, I have been at this coupon game for awhile now. I was taught well, I would like to think, but I always keep my eyes and ears open for new knowledge.  Well, today I got just that, thanks to some friends of mine.  Some of these friends have been online only and some have been irl friends from meeting online with this coupon adventure.
Either way, these are ladies I share the love and joy of couponing with.  One of these ladies I have known for many years online only opened her house up today for some online only friends to come to a coupon exchange.  I want to personally thank Miss Christy for her wonderful hospitality and opening up her home to us today.
And here is what I learned today.  Another online coupon cohort was there today and expelled some wisdom upon the group today and while there it made total sense, but after getting home I realize that OH YEAH AWESOME moment.

Rosanna, thank you for this tidbit:
As many here know Target has printable coupons here.  Some are manufacturer and some are Target only.  The ones I am interested in are the manufacturer though, and here is where it gets exciting.  Target runs their printable coupons through a completely different network then BUT they often overlap in the coupon offerings(my test example tonight was the Baby Alive $8 IP).  So, if you find a HOT coupon that you want more than 2 of on  and you only have 1 coupon, hop over to the Target coupon page and see if they have the same offering!  Guess what?  If they do, you can print 2 more.  That is 4 identical coupons without doing the computer shuffle!  WOO HOO!

Thanks Rosanna for this nugget of wisdom :D
Thanks Christy for hosting the coupon exchange today :D
And thanks Courtney for letting me totally steal a picture of your dog since I don't have one of my own for this post :P (guess I should have stolen a picture of Rocky while he was trying to love on me today)

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Rosanna said...

Thank you, Christi! And thank YOU Stephanie... So glad I was able to return the favor in some small part!

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