Friday, February 10, 2012

Kleenex - Share the Softness- possible coming to a store near you!

Did you know Kleenex is currently offering a Share the Softness campaign?  When you go to their webpage, you can send out a sample box of their new Cool Touch Kleenex, the only tissue that actively releases a cool sensation to soothe a sore nose on contact, and in so doing, you will get a sample box yourself.  As a frequent sufferer of seasonal allergies, I LOVE this promotion as I will admit facial tissues are one area I do NOT go generic on!   What is even more Cool (no pun intended) about this offer, is that they have a link so you can see your chain of sharing.  You can actually see, that if you shared with your best friend  Christy, she then shared with her bud Amy and on down the line, how cool is that!  And hey, you know free samples sometime come with coupons so look at all the people you are saving from red noses by buying generic tissue :D
I can't wait to see how many FREE boxes my Softness Sharing generates :D

If that is not enough, for those of you readers in and around the Dallas area, Kleenex is bringing the softness to you!  At select locations, Kleenex is going to be onsite offering consumers the chance to share personalized Share packs with someone special.  Hey, isn't Valentines Day around the corner? Show your special someone you really care about them right down to the right care for their nose.  I know if my now husband had brought me chicken soup and off brand tissue in my time of need while dating, that might have been a ding against him, lol.

So for those of you around the following areas, be sure to check out the Kleenex Softness Worth Sharing Event.

Saturday Feb 11
Kroger 950 East Sandy Lake Rd Coppell TX 12-6pm

Sunday Feb 12
Kroger 3600 Gus Thomasson Mesquite TX 12-6pm

Monday Feb 13
Kroger 1060 North Main   Euless TX 1-7pm

Friday Feb 17
Kroger 4038 Old Denton Rd Carrollton TX 1-7pm

Saturday Feb 18
Kroger 5190 Hwy 78 @ Murphy Rd Sachse Tx 12-6pm

Sunday Feb 19
Kroger 11925 Elam Rd Balch Springs Tx 12-6pm

Monday Feb 20
Kroger 7505 North Macarthur Blvd Irving TX 1-7pm

Friday Feb 24
Kroger 2925 Custer Rd  Plano TX 1-7pm

Saturday Feb 25
Kroger 3939 Frankford Dallas TX 12-6pm

Sunday Feb 26
Kroger 9140 Forest Lane Dallas TX 12-6pm

Monday Feb 27
Kroger 17194 Preston Rd Dallas TX 1-7pm

Friday March 2
Kroger 2525 I-20   Grand Prarie TX 1-7pm    

Saturday March 3
Kroger 2210 South Fielder Rd Arlington TX 12-6pm

Kleenex is also offering me the chance to offer up 3 of my readers a $50 gift card to their choice of Ahold, Kroger, or Wakefern!  Wow!
To enter, simply leave a comment on this blog post on who you picked to Share the Softness with and why you choice that person!  
Giveaway will close on Feb 24th.  One entry per person.  If you are listed as anon, please leave some identifying information on your comment or it will be deleted.  Only comments left on the blog post will count as an entry so if you are reading via email please click here to enter.

Disclosure, I am being given 3 $50 gift cards to giveaway and 1 for myself for this post.  No other compensation has been given and all opinions as always are my own.

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debbie crawford berry said...

I picked my son to Share the Softness with because I try to send him some samples since he's 21 living on his own and the other day he actually said "thanks mom for the samples-I don't never know what I'm getting in the mail now" that comment makes it worthwhile because I never thought he thought anything about the samples I send him!!

Anonymous said...

I picked my grand daughter to share - she loves getting things in the mail and she shares with others.

Jan O.

Julia K. said...

I sent the sample to my son because I figure those tissues should be even soft enough for babies ;-)

Susan Szota said...

I am sharing with my daughter's future mother in law with the wedding coming up I am sure there will be many tears of joy flowing!!

Pheobie said...

I'm sending to my husband because he is seriously in love with these tissues. I have to keep a box around just for him!

Katie said...

I Shared the Softness with my mom. My parents are some of my very best friends and I will be very sad to move away from them this summer.

Rosanna said...

I chose my MIL to share the softness with. Her brother is in hospice, and her best friends's husband was just taken off the ventilator... I think she deserves a little softness!!

Linda Y. said...

I Shared the Softness with my sister in law. I chose her just because I know she will enjoy the tissues and will also Share the Softness with someone else! BTW, if you haven't already used these tissues, you will love them! Don't know how they keep them cool, but they are awesome!

GlennJ said...

I Shared the Softness with my 3 (almost 4) year-old nephew - he loves getting stuff in the mail. I was surprised how quickly the samples arrived after signing up!

Guinea said...

I chose my friend who just had a can never ever have to many tissues with children and soft ones are the best.

June L said...

I would choose my husband because our cat gets both of our noses running lol.

junerlisle at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I shared with my sister since she suffered from seasonal allergy.


Unknown said...

I Shared the Softness with my mom because she's always given so much of herself to me. I want to give back as much as I can. :)

rebecca225 at gmail dot com

agatewood1 said...

I would choose to share with my grandmother :) she is always using tissues! thanks!

Bree said...

I picked my niece. She always checks the mail and shuffles through to see if anything is for her. It also helps that she has allergies and uses tissues anyway.

Nicole Larsen said...

My daughter because she is ALWAYS picking her nose lol :)

Chris said...

My son because he likes to spit up now

Brittany said...

I'm sharing with my grandma, she has boxes of kleenex through out her house! :)

Anash said...

i would pick my daughter because she always needs kleenex from falling down all the time :) Thanks for a super giveaway!
My email: anashct1 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Kathryn Costa said...

I would choose to share with my mother. She is forever looking in her purse when we are out for a Kleenex. Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway!

katbirdfl (at) gmail (dot) com

Nicole said...

im sending a pack to my mom! she always has tissue when i need one! hoping she will send one to me!

Anonymous said...

Shared with my boyfriend, we both like getting freebies and samples in the mail!

Brunettegal83 @

Karen said...

I shared with my Grandmother. She won't skimp on tissues either. When I told her about these, she said "Oh I'd love to try those!" Voila. Now she can.

aggiemommy said...

I shared with my sister because she has two little ones and I know she'll put them to good use! :)

Susan said...

I chose my mom because she liked the last kleenex sample I gave her.

April @ Deals That Make Cents said...

I shared with my hubby so he could have his own on his side of the bed... ;-)

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