Tuesday, February 14, 2012

L'Oreal Gold Rewards - Earn free coupon - Great for Walgreens/CVS shopping

I mentioned this promotion about a month ago when I posted about all that better than free hairdye we were getting at CVS.  If you still have a few of those boxes laying around, you might want to sign up for the L'Oreal Gold Rewards Club.  Each box has a code and when you enter 5 codes, you earn a coupon for another free hairdye!  Even if you might not use hairdye this is a GREAT deal as many times when they do ECB and RR offers at the drug stores for spend say $20 get back $10, hairdye usually makes the list!  So, with a free coupon, you can get half way to that threshold without ANY out of pocket.
If you are doing this at CVS, you get the extra bonus of the 10% back toward your beauty rewards earning.  That means they are actually PAYING you at least 10% of the selling price to buy hairdye!  I have not gotten my first yet, but if they allow, the most expensive hairdye is ~ 15.00 so $1.50 paid just for buying it :D
I signed up in January when I first mentioned it and I am just 1 box away from earning my first coupon.*
Trust me, when I get them, I will be posting how I turn this into a better deal down the line :D

*Limit 10 total codes per person(not household!).  Can only enter 2 codes per month.

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