Wednesday, February 8, 2012

HEB Unadvertised Deals and Finds

HEB accepts coupons at face value. You can review their coupon policyhere.
Something to note on my matchups.  I will label the store coupons with an M or a B once I am aware which they are.  B store coupons can be combined with paper coupons for added savings, M store coupons cannot.

Besides the deals I have already posted here and here, you will want to check out the deals I found walking up and down the aisles of my HEB today.

First off, go here to print a coupon for free Chocolate with a $25 min purchase. (this is a B coupon and can be used before all other coupons!)

Then, who wants Free (or better than) KY Jelly?  I know mine is going to help a clinic take the temperatures of our furry friends (vets, shelters and rescue groups us KY for taking the temps of animals, so great donation opportunity!)
KY 4 oz tubes are $4.35 at my HEB and there was a pretty little $2 B coupon which means they would go perfectly with my $3 insert 1-8 SS or the $3 IP (new barcode only - please note both insert and ip limit to 4 likes per transaction
Update- new IP now excludes Jelly, sorry about that and thanks reader Elizabeth)

Next I ran into these beauty of a coupon.  $1.50 off Revlon nail products combined with the $1 off Revlon tools on tweezers, clippers or nail files should makes for some nice freebies right? (insert 1-29 SS)

And for the makeup loving crowd(that was never my thing) how about a $3 off coupon to combine with $2 insert (1-15 SS) or IP  on the Photoready variety.  Not to shabby of prices with combined coupons :D

Now, there is also the $25.24 Intense K-Y that has a voucher for $10 off 2 movie tickets.  You can combine the $2 B coupon with the $10 IP here (click the get started and after sending sweety your message you will get to print a $10/1 IP - new barcode only!) and pay just $13.24 at register but get $10 off 2 movie tickets!(that is 2 free matinee tickets in Houston!)

Alright, so moving on for those that are starting to feel a little uncomfortable, lol
Another decent B coupon. Save $2 on Garnier Styler wyb any Garnier Shampoo, Conditioner or Treatment.
The S/C/T are $2.98 at my store,  they stylers ~ $3.33
Buy 1 of each, use 1 B coupon and 1 insert 2-5 RP OR IP  for S/C and 1 for Styler(remember YQ is a B)
2.98 + 3.33 = $6.31
-$2 YQ - $2 IP   or insert
=$2.31 or ~$1.16 each

Now this is one I am truly excited about because there are some nights where lets face it, I have worked a 10 hour day and I don't want to even think about dinner.  My husband is exhausted from putting out screaming fights all day and seriously we still have to eat.  Well, for nights like that, this Stouffer's deal will save us.  There is a B coupon for Buy 2 family entrees get 1 free. Combine that with 3 - $2 insert 1-29 RP or IP  and you have the main course of 3 super cheap meals!
3 Stouffers family size $5.98 = $17.94
-$5.98 for YQ
-$6 (3 $2 insert or IP  )
=$5.96 or $1.99 each!

And finally
I honestly don't know if there are any Gerber NUK coupons to go with this B coupon, but these spoons look pretty cool even for $1.34 for the pack


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Anonymous said...

Seems like I tried to use the 1.50 lip and nail YQs on the nail buffers, and it beeped. Does it go through well on the nail clippers? And if so, how much are the nail clippers?

Stephanie (aka KC, ZM) said...

I had a similar issue anon. It seems it is not working for the tools even though those are nail products

Anonymous said...

I left before reading this, and no, when I got nail clippers (1.42 and 1.96), the B coupons didn't go through. It didn't matter if they were scanned before or after the MQs, as my cashier tried before calling over the supervisor, who put in the YQs manually and wouldn't take my MQs at all. So I got the clippers for free, but no overage.

Anonymous said...

At the Gessner spring shadows store, I found Tetley tea for $1.59 with yellow m coupon .75.

and smart balance yellow m coupon for $1.50, making them around $1 for 1/2 gallon(not the lactaid),

And pace picante sauce 32oz yellow m coupon for .75, making them .97@

With coupon inserts free bic crystal pens & .49 libby canned fruit.

Anonymous said...

I got the Stouffers today. THANKS!! The cashier tried to give me a hard time, but I stood my ground and the manager backed me up too. I need to carry a coupon of the coupon policy with me from now on.

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