Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Heb P&G Promotion Starts Today - Hmm, what are your thoughts?

I have been anxiously awaiting the P&G deal at HEB but I have to say I am a bit disappointed with the new restrictions imposed.  In my personal opinion, these changes are going to make it more difficult on the everyday coupon shopper but will more than likely have little impact on the heavy coupon shoppers.

Anyway, for those that don't know what I am talking about.  For the next two weeks, when you purchase $30(before coupons) worth of P&G products in a single transaction, you will earn a $10 oynso for a future purchase.  Other then the restriction of not using this on other P&G products and only using 1 per transactions, that used to be ALL the limitations there were.
This new promo has added the following restrictions:
Limit 1 $10 reward coupon per household, per day.  This also applies to the redemption 1 per household per day
The coupon cannot be redeemed until 3/14 and you have until 3/27 to use what you have, 1 per day AND the real kicker, your redemption purchase ALSO has to be $30!  WOW!
For a normal shopper, breaking up a transaction into 2 of $30 each would not be too hard, but the added 1 per day now is gonna make them have to break up the days of their shopping too!

WOW!  I dont' have time right now to list match ups but what are your thoughts on these new restrictions?
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Kelley L. said...

They're annoying and honestly I'm not sure I'll play this time. It seems too tedious and well, I don't want to ensure that I spend the $30 the second time. I liked rolling them over and using multiple in one transaction. Boo HEB, boo! They're becoming sticklers like Kroger.

Richard said...

Nooooooo!! Boooo... I at least hope they got some decent "B" YQ for PG items. How disappointing last time I did up to 4 transactions in a row, thanks to having a great cashier!... also I redeemed all 8 -$10 I had in 8 transactions in a row.
We'll have to adapt and work our way through it!!!
Thanks for all the info Stephanie!

Richard said...

Just in case Stephanie on your February 23 post about the Heb Clearance you said it was a B $20 G $10 on PG, I was soo excited about it until you corrected me on the chatroll.
Thanks for all your work on this blog, all my couponing is based on your posts and this year has been really great for my stockpile!

Anonymous said...

so no chance of redeeming the cats during the promotional period (and rolling it). I'd say this deal is off for me...not doing it.

laura b said...

I would just get my first coupon,go put my stuff in the car, walk back in and do more shopping and go to a different cashier. when I go back to redeem it I will do the same thing, buy $30 worth put it in the car, come back in a do the rest, its not cheating when they are the ones making it so hard to use a dang(fully reimbursed by manufacturer) coupon! ;) BTW I am planning on getting Cheer they had a $2 coupon out and if you work your scenario right its about 50 cents a jug! also I will be looking at covergirl makeup as they came out with a new coupon for $1 and I have some $1 coups from a february paper insert, so I have 9 coups total and the covergirl you can double your savings by turning in the P&G $15 rebate on $50 manufacturer beauty promo! More cheap/free/moneymaker makeup!

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