Sunday, May 16, 2010

Target- Yay, they had razors

Made a final run to Target today and was happy to see they restocked the Schick razors. While I was there, I noticed they had Air Wick I-motions for $5.99 and I still had Target coupons printed for $2 off (since I could not find them in stock after I printed them). Here is how my transaction looked:

3 Air Wick $5.99 each - $2 Target Q (no longer available) - $4 insert = -.03
6 Schick Hydro 5 $7.99 each - $1 Target Q - $5 insert = 1.99
-.10 (.05 for each reusable bag I brought in)
Total cost: $11.81 and earned $15 in Gift Cards back ($5 for each 2 razors purchased)


Anonymous said...

Was the coupon you used for the razors from the 5/2 P&G insert? If so, did you get it from the papers you purchased here in the Houston area? I was just wondering because I live in the Houston area and purchased 2 Houston Chronicles from different stores on 5/2 and neither one had the P&G insert. I did check for the regular coupons but didn't know P&G was supposed to be there too so I didn't make sure it was there. Now I'm missing a lot of savings. I was just wondering if maybe the insert didn't come out in the Houston area for some reason. Thank you in advance

Denise said...

Anon-The $5/1 is in the 5/09 SS I am looking at right now.

Stephanie-I was wondering how to know how long the GC deals at Target run. I want to go get 2 of the Schick Razors to get a gift card (and my hubby some badly needed razors) but I can only make it tomorrow. Hoping the GC are still good then. Are they posted in the target adds or do you just happen to see them on the shelfs?

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Denise, I believe the Schick gc deal ended last week, sorry. I rely on shelf tags to tell me end dates, or I check out Totally Targets blog for dates.

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