Monday, May 17, 2010

More Kid's Summer Reading Programs!

I already mentioned Half Price Books reading program on this post. (This is by far my favorite of all the reading programs- super easy and an opportunity for 5 free books per kid) Goes June 1- July 31st(I suggest writing all these dates down on your calendar)

Well, for those of you that do not have a Half Price books nearby(or for those that want to do ALL the reading programs- why not?!!!!), maybe you want to take a look at these offers.

HEB has a summer reading program too. Just read 10 books(parents can read the books to the younger kiddos) and fill out the form. Mail in your completed, initialed form before October 1st to the San Antonio address listed, and you should receive a free t-shirt in the mail.(one per child) These shirts either run really big, or my kiddos are just really small!

You can download the form here, or you can find the forms in stores near the Buddy Buck crane game.

(Either way you choose, you might want to also take the time to pick up a Birthday club form too. They send out HEB brand coupons on your kiddos birthday and mine included free bread!)

Next: Borders!

Borders requires kids to be 12 or younger. Kids can earn a free book just by reading ANY 10 books they choose(can be the same books you do for the other promos too!) Fill out the form
and bring it in to any Borders, Borders Express or Waldenbooks before August 26th to choose 1 book from 12 titles (I am excited to see Ramona the Brave on the list, lol)

And finally(for the corporate sponsored reading programs): Barnes and Noble
Barnes and Noble requires the reading of 8 books and asks that the kids write about the places they visit in each book. Their program begins May 25th and goes through Sept 6th and is good for 1st-6th graders(This is the first year my oldest is going to be old enough to participate in this one!)
Just download the Passport to reading form and bring it in completed before Sept 7th. Your child(ren) will be allowed to pick a book from the preselected list printed on the form and they will be entered in a drawing to win an autographed set of books from The 39 Clues series.

What about your local library? Well, the Houston Public Library System has a reading program too! You can register as early as May 1st, and the program begins June 1st and continues through August 1st. Their program is open to kids up to 18 years old!!!!!

Read or listen to books, enter book titles or time read on your online reading log either at home or with the help of your librarian, and come to your local Houston Public Library location to pick up your prize at 5, 10 and 20 book level.The more books you read, the more prizes you are eligible to win.

For all my non-local readers, be sure to check out your local libraries for similar programs! Let's get these kids on the right path to reading!


Denise said...

ALrighty, I looked and will probably have to call B&N to find out but do you know if the grade is entering or exiting, I have one who will become a 1st grader and one who is leaving 6th grade....which one qualifies for the program? lol I love this post. I am going to go cray qith 6 boys at home for 2 months and NEED things like this to keep them (and me) alive! ;P

Kimberly said...

I cannot THANK YOU enough for all this information in ONE place! I will post a link on my blog! I am sure my readers will love this info, too! As always, you amaze me with your knowledge and how you find time to do it, I will never know! Thanks again! You Rock!

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