Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kroger - final run for P&G deal

Kroger sent me a home mailer for $5/50 so I decided I wanted to try and get some newspapers free with that deal. I combined this with the current Procter and Gamble promotion(Buy 4 participating items and get $4 off instantly). Also, to up my total to $50, I used some free Kitten Chow coupons. Here is my breakdown:

7 Purina Kitten $1.89 each - $2.19 insert free coupon = -2.10
1 Oscar Mayer lunchable $2.79(not picuted because my kid ate it, was supposed to be free from Kroger instant win game during March, but did not come off!)
2 Mirra bubble bath $2.99 each - $5/2 tearpad = .98

6 Cover Girl eyeshadow $2.24 each - $2.50/2insert 5-2 PG = $5.94
2 Secret deodorant $3.50 each - .50 insert 5-2 PG - $3/2 loadable = $2
2 Old Spice deodorant $3.50 each - $3/2 loadable = $4
2 Old Spice bodywash $3.50 each - $3/2 loadable - 2 x $4.29 bogo insert 5-2 PG= -$4.58
-3 x $4 P&G promo

7 Houston Chronicles $2 each = $14
-$5/50 groceries home mailer
Tax -.67
Cost oop: $5.36 oop


kathy said...

which kroger did you go to

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Mason and E. Parkway

Anonymous said...

Here in Houston my free Lunchable didn't come off either and I bought 2, turkey with cheese, crackers, reeses and a capri sun. I know the picture shows the small one but it says ANY. I pretty much expected it to not come off, but didn't appreciate it since it does say ANY Lunchable. Kroger is just pushing me away more and more, every internet coupon is inspected, they wouldn't let me use the Lays Kettle chips facebook coupon to b1g1 free and it was only going to be worth $2.00, and the one close to where I live is becoming too much of one of the reasons why I can't stand going to Walmart.

qrazyguy said...

Hi, I see that you used the Q to get the bodywash free when you buy deodorant. But couldn't you instead have used the other Q to get the deodorant free wyb the body wash, and then used the $1/1 Q from the same insert on the body wash? Or does Kroger not allow you to use another coupon on the other item? I've been doing the deal at Randall's the past week and using both Q's.

Thanks for the HU on the purina kitten chow, I'll be aquiring a couple of kittens in a few weeks and this will come in handy. So does the Q auto deduct at the higher price or is it very YMMV? Should I wait and scan my card after all the coupons have been taken off?

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

qrazy, Actually I used the free deod wyb coupons and didn't realize I mislisted it on my breakdown. I used those since the deod has a higher orig. shelf price, so I would get more off, but you are right, I could have also used a $1 coupon, thanks I missed that one(I really need more sleep)
We just got a kitten so I am excited about the free food and no, they don't auto so ymmv on that one.

Anonymous said...

Great shopping trip! How in the world did you get them to take 7 like Qs?

Sally said...

My BOGO only deduct $3.50:
2 Old Spice deodorant $3.50-$3/2
2 Old Spice bodywash $3.50-$3/2
-(2)$3.50 bogo insert 5-2 PG
-(1)$4 P&G promo
1 Chairmin $6.99-$0.25(triple)
=$3.24 I earned a Free oynso for any Always Ultra or Maxi pad up to 18 count.

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