Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Safeway, found more good clearance

I am beginning to wonder why I am a Kroger mod, since lately I have spent far more time in Randalls.
Went today to pick up some Spinach since I had home mailers making them free.
I like to always check the clearance just in case and I was glad I did. My niece is NUTS for Infusium and I found some with 50% stickers, combine that with $3 off inserts and it was a GREAT deal. Here is my breakdown:

2 Fresh Express spinach $1 each - 2 homemailers = FREE
1 Del Monte Fruit Chillers $2.50 - $1 loadable - $1 IP = .50
1 Ovaltine $3.99 - $1 loadable - $2 loadable - $2 IP = -$1.01
13 Infusium $6.99 each - $3.50 each for 50% stickers - 13 $3 insert = $6.37
Tax: .11
- 2 $2 oynso from Ziploc
Cost Oop: $1.97

So total cost $5.97 for everything and a great stock of Infusium for my niece(she is graduating yay!!!! and going away and I want to send her with a great stash of hba)


Cristina said...

Which zip code did you use to find the $2 IP for Ovaltine? My zip only gives a $1 coupon. Thanks!

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

I used 77083 and got both a $1 and $2 to load and a choice of both to print !

Mary said...

It let me print the $2 Ovaltine earlier from coupons.com and when I go to Add it to my card, it lets me add it but when I got to "See what's on my card" it doesn't show up. I'm afraid it won't come off. Every time I go back it will keep letting me add it to my card, but still won't show up that it's on my card. Any suggestions?

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