Monday, May 31, 2010

Target HUGE money makers!

Sorry about lack of posts, I went to visit family this weekend and on my way back, my friend told me I better make a quick trip to Target to run these two HOT money makers! They have to be done tonight(at least one of them) due to expiring coupons.

Target is having a promo on various Olay facial cleaners. For each 2 participating products you purchase, you get a $5 gift card. Combine that with the rebate to get $20 back on a $50 purchase(before coupons) and coupons, and you can turn this into a money maker.
Another deal is on Venus razors. Target has the single razors clearanced for 4.24 each. Couple that with the $5 Target gift card wyb two insert coupon and the $2 off razor coupon (5-2 PG expires TODAY!) and you have yourself another money maker.

Here is how my transaction looked:
2 Wishbone dressing $1.49 each - .75 Target insert coupons 4-25 RP - $1.50/2 insert coupons 5-23 RP = -.02
3 Bounty Basic .99 each - $1 Target insert coupon 5-16 RP = FREE

22 Venus razors $4.24 each - $2 insert 5-2 P&G = $49.28
Earned $55 in gift cards

2 Olay Regenerist $6.64 each - $5 homemailers(booklet from sending in receipts) = $3.28
1 Olay Regenerist $5.99 - $5 homemailer = $.99
4 Olay cleaner $3.69 each = $14.76
1 Olay cleaner $4.69
4 Olay cleaner $2.99 each = $11.96
*There are $2 coupons in the 5-2 P&G insert(expires today) for cleaners but they beeped and Target would not let me use them.
Earned $30 in gift cards

Cost oop: $84.94
Earned a total of $85 back in gift cards and will send off for $20 Olay rebate

Final tally $84.94 + .44 stamp -$85 in gift cards -$20 rebate = PROFIT OF $19.62!
(of course, if you store allows use of the $2 Olay facial cleaners coupon, you could make even more)


S. Wade said...

Totally bummed to miss out on this money maker. I just returned from Target two hours ago. Kraft salad dressing is on sale for $1.50. Combine with the $1 Target homemailer and the $.55/1, it was a five cent money maker.

Also, my Target was out of all the inexpensive Oil of Olay items. But I did snag 10 Bounty Basics for free.

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