Sunday, May 16, 2010

Safeway - Thank you for your 50% clearance tags, no coupons, and paid .25

Oh my!!!!!! I am having soooooooooooo much fun with Randalls new clearance tags!
Stopped in today since I was nearby and even with NO coupons, I only paid .25.

Kroger Randalls has a promotion that basically takes off $1 per box of participating cereal when you buy at least 4 in one transaction. Well, lucky me!!!! I found a store that had 4 participating boxes with 50% tags (I think because they were banged up!)

Here is how my transaction played out:
3 Capn Crunch Peanut Butter $2 each - $1 50% off tag per box -$1 per box for sale promo = FREE
1 Cheerios $2.50 - $1.25 50% off tag - $1 for sale promo = .25
Cost oop: .25*

*I could have had $1.75 overage if I had of thought about the .50 Capn Crunch coupon that just came out in the Sunday paper, or that you can print here!
Even without the clearance sale, the IP makes the Capn Crunch .50 a box! MMMMM, it has been FAR too long since I have indulged on a box of Crunch Berries, lol.

Edit: Sorry about the typo, thanks to my readers for catching my errors! It was a LONG shopping day yesterday.


bonitobuenoybarato said...
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Seeker said...

where do you find the clearance items? Are they all together in one spot or interspersed throughout the store?

Stephanie (aka zoeys_mom, ZM) said...

Seeker, for me, the cleranace is typically toward the back of the store(near dairy) on a 4 way rack.

Hollie @ Happy Couponing said...

FYI - The Motrin PM, 20 ct, is on sale for $2.99 until late June or July (can't remember), use the $3 coupon in 04/18 RP to get it FREE!!

Jennifer said...

ZM - where do you find randalls deals? i've checked different blogs & HCW but haven't found a good all-in-one place. right now i have $8 in oyno CATS ($4 kelloggs, $2 totinos, 2*$1 nabisco) and although they don't expire until next week i don't know really what the good deals are. TIA!

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