Sunday, December 30, 2012

Kroger 101

Kroger coupon policy can be found here.

You need to sign up for the free loyalty card at Kroger to get the advertised sale prices.
You offer a phone number on your account that acts as an alternate id in the event you don't have your card with you.  At checkout, you can either have cashier scan your card, give cashier your phone number to input or input your phone number on the credit card machine.

Kroger does not double or triple coupons in this region.  All coupons are redeemed at face value.

Kroger has catalina machines at the registers

Kroger does not allow a coupon to be used if the sale makes an item free.  An example is on a bogo sale, you cannot use a coupon on the item that is free in the bogo.  However, Kroger does explicitly state in their FAQ that a bogo coupon is allowed on a bogo sale, making both items free.
Ex: Suave shampoo is on sale for buy one get one free, you grab to and give cashier a buy one get one free coupon. The coupon makes 1 bottle free, the sale makes the 2nd bottle free.

Kroger will accept manufacturer coupons with other stores names and logos, like catalina etc, as long as they sale the item listed on the coupon.

Kroger pharmacy will accept competitor pharmacy coupons

Kroger will accept internet printed coupons with the following exceptions:
printable coupons having a value higher than 75% of the item price
Free printable coupons (no purchase required)

According to their policy, they accept coupons that exceed the value of the product and apply the overage to your basket purchase, or in the event the total goes negative, they are supposed to give you cash back.

Kroger offers loadable coupons to their card via their website here.
Most coupons offered are manufacturer coupons and cannot be combined with paper manufacturer coupons.  The exceptions to this are pretty obvious as they are usually $ amount off a certain department.
EX: Save $5 on Seafood, min. $20 purchase required.

You need to load the coupons to your card and they will apply at register upon check out.

If you load a coupon for an item to your card, it will automatically come off at the point of sale.  If you hand over a paper coupon, the register will reject the paper coupon.  Currently per their FAQ of digital coupons, your electronic coupon will take precedence even if your paper coupon is a higher value.  You would need to remove the digital coupon from your card to use your paper coupon.
Digital coupons are not eligible on close-out items on sale as "managers special" or if the value of the coupon exceeds the purchase price of the product.

Kroger will allow 1 store coupon and 1 manufacture coupon per item.  It is not very often you will find a store coupon for a particular item other then their own brand.

Kroger also participates in Upromise loadable coupons (details on that here), SavingStar (detail on that here), and ibotta app (details here).

Kroger has two types of clearance items.  The first is straight forward and priced on the shelf with a tag that says close out.  These are usually an item they are no longer going to carry and thus should be found in all stores.

The second is with manager special stickers over the barcode of the product, this is typically for damaged boxes, short dated product or holiday merchandise and will typically vary per store.

Kroger allows coupons on both types of clearance or marked down items.

Also, Kroger participates in a gas rewards program.  For each $1 spent in store, you earn 1 point toward fuel discounts.  Once you reach 100 points, that is a .10 discount per gallon of gas on a single fuel up, up to 35 gallons.
Purchase of participating gift cards will earn you 2 points for each $1 spent. Every prescription also earns you 50 points toward your fuel rewards.
Your $ spent is based after Kroger coupons but before manufacturer coupons.
Maximum savings of $2/gallon.

Kroger also has a scan right guarantee.  If an unmarked item scans differently from the shelf tag at time of purchase, you will receive one of that item free. *Item limit $25 retail, excludes beer, wine and tobacco products.

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