Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ok to Wake Alarm Clock - Lightning Deal @ 10 AM

I have a couple friends that could benefit from having this kids alarm clock (yes Linda I'm talking to you!)
The Ok to Wake color changing alarm clock is perfect to help keep your kiddos in bed a little later then say 4 am!
Parents you just set the time and brightness and when that time comes, clock turns green to let your kiddo know they can get out of bed(or their rooms, lol).
There is also a napping feature as well as a snooze feature for the older kiddos.

I am not sure what the Lightning pricing is gonna be if you are looking for something like this, you might want to hurry over to Amazon at 10 am or click the link and refresh when it gets close to see the pricing!
*I might have to see about getting this sucker for my Grand Niece "babyzilla!"

edit to add: ok pricing is $25.45 which isn't as great as I hoped. You can get it at Target for $30 and not have to be a Prime member.

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