Thursday, December 27, 2012

Kroger - A few pretty good deals!

If you are shopping at Kroger this week, you might want to check your coupon stash before you go.
Check out these awesome pics my coupon bud Debbie sent me from her shopping today

 How does .04 canned tomatoes sound.  Even better, you don't have to bring a coupon, the blinkies are being found in Kroger stores!
Mountain King potatoes (3 lbs for $1)

 If you took advantage of the $1.50 printables for Kelloggs product that I reference at the bottom of this post, get Nutrigrain bars for just .29 a box!
 Pop Tarts will be .48 a box
 Also the cereal had $1.50 printables for .18 for a big bag of Pops or BEST yet the Rice Krispies

Rice Krispies will cost .38 after the $1.50 coupon (if you have it) OR it can be a money maker with the additional $1 from ibotta app.  (even if you don't have the printable with ibotta .88 for the box)
or print the $1/2 on the Kelloggs site (below) and get 2 for .88 each when you factor in ibotta.

Kelloggs coupons found here

Thanks again Debbie for this awesome store pictures :D

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GlennJ said...

My local Kroger had also marked down their holiday-themed varieties of refrigerated Pillsbury cookie dough to $1 each. If your store has done the same (and still has some left) you can snag 2 for free ($1 OOP) using a $1/2 MQ/IP and the $1/2 Savingstar offer!

GlennJ said...

I went back for some more cheap tomatoes this afternoon and have two good pieces of news:

1) There is a blinkie for $1/1 Sierra Mist 2L. These are currently priced @ $1.50 AND B4G2F. *If* you are on good terms with your store (and really like Sierra Mist) you might be able to use 6 blinkies and get these for free. Otherwise, use 4 and get 2 of another participating variety (DP/Pepsi) to make each 2L about 33¢ each. Note: I've also been getting a lot of 75¢/2 SunDrop 2L cats at checkout (and these are part of the B4G2F deal as well).

2) My cashier told me that Kroger has revamped part of their eQ program so that, like Safeway stores, you can now choose between the paper/electronic Q if you have one of each type for the same item.
I have not had occasion to test this out for myself yet.

Stephanie Jensen said...

Glenn, the Sierra Mist were $1 at Walmart last time I checked so free with those blinkies. Also, if you can find a CVS that carries Sierra Mist, starting tomorrow they are $1 and buy $30 worth get $10 ecbs.

On your note two, bout stinkin time. It amazed me Safeway was able to have the programming way before the supposedly #1 grocery store. Not sure I will want to test it seeing as they still won't give overage even though their policy explicitly says they do

GlennJ said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Sierra Mist!

On the topic of overage though, you must have extra stingy Krogers in Houston! In the past year I have had a handful of instances where I have been actually paid cash in overage - sometimes because of a miscalculation on my part, and sometimes because of a free coupon taking off (regular) shelf price instead of sale price. Once, I was "paying" by debit card, and they actually transferred the money onto my card! So it might be one of those YMMV things (although you are right - their policy explicitly says they are to give overage).

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