Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Staples - Free Photo Paper and Multipurpose Paper Scenario - After rebate

I am always looking for deals on FREE paper and by free I mean 100% FREE.  I print a LOT of coupons and I don't want to have to pay for all that paper so I try to keep an eye out for Staples sales because they have the Staples Easy Rebates that can really net you some great FREE stuff.
The way I get it 100% FREE including tax is to hold out for when they have a $5/25 coupon in addition to multiple free (or cheap) after rebate items and combine them in a deal to get my what I want. (Hey I can always donate the other stuff!)

If you want free photo paper and free Multi Purpose printer paper, you can follow this exact scenario:

First go here and print a coupon that will give you the rebate offer for a $6.99 ream of printer paper.
Then go here to print a $5/25 coupon (or if you have your ad, it should be in there- for some reason I don't get their ads in my paper anymore)

Then make a trip to Staples and pick up the following:
2 Staples photo plus 4 x 6 glossy paper @ $9.99 each
1 Staples multipurpose ream paper 8.5 x 11 (item 513099) @ 6.99

Your total will come to $26.97 before tax and then you will hand over your two coupons
Your total will drop to $21.97 + tax = $23.78 (for those with 8.25% tax)

You will then get a ton of receipts and rebate forms of which you should have
2 for $8.99 rebates on the photo paper and
1 for $6.99 rebate on the printer paper
You can submit those online here so it won't even cost you a stamp, giving you a rebate back of $24.97

So $24.97 - $23.78 spent = small Profit of $1.19 for your time and troubles!

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