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Randalls 101

Randalls is a chain of Safeway and thus shares their main coupon policy with them.  You can find that policy here.

You need to sign up for the free loyalty card at Randalls to get the advertised sale prices.
You offer a phone number on your account that acts as an alternate id in the event you don't have your card with you.  At checkout, you can either have cashier scan your card, give cashier your phone number to input or input your phone number on the credit card machine.
You will want to offer your card BEFORE you hand over any coupons, as they will not double or triple if card is not scanned prior to coupon scan.

Randalls will double 1 like coupon up to .50 and triple 1 like coupon up to .39 in a transaction.

Randalls has catalina machines at the registers

Randalls does not allow a coupon to be used if the sale makes an item free.  An example is on a bogo sale, you cannot use a coupon on the item that is free in the bogo

Randalls will accept manufacturer coupons with other stores names and logos, like catalina etc, as long as they sale the item listed on the coupon.

Randalls will accept internet printed coupons with the exception of printed coupons for free items (no purchased required)

Randalls offers loadable coupons to their card via their Just4U program.  - you can read a more extensive post on that here, but here is the abridged version.
J4U offers loadable coupons and pricing offers to your card via their webpage or their mobile app.  You load the offers to your card and they will apply at register upon check out.  You can even load coupons while you are shopping and they will come off at checkouts.
There are various offers, such as $ amount off coupons, % off coupons, and personalized pricing.
Some of the $ amount off coupons are store coupons and some are manufacturer.  You can combine a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon but there is yet a proven fail safe way to find out prior to checkouts which is a store and which is a manufacturer coupon on J4U*.
% off coupons are always store coupons and thus can be combined with personalized pricing AND manufacturer coupons.  Personalized pricing is special pricing that can be cheaper than the current shelf or sale price for that item.  These are based partly on your spending habits but some are also universal. The value of personalized pricing can also vary from person to person. For example: once I had .39/lb pricing on bananas but a friend had .42/lb.  So keep in mind, not all will have the same J4U offers as you have.

If you load a coupon for an item to your card and it is a manufacturer coupon, it will automatically come off at the point of sale.  If you hand over a paper coupon, the register will either reject the paper coupon(if it is a lower value) or accept the paper coupon and remove the electronic coupon from that transaction.  Loadable coupons never double or triple, so sometimes a paper coupon is definitely better, but the register is programmed to give you the best deal.

Randalls ad also has in ad coupons which are store coupons you can combine with manufacturer paper coupons. In the event you have loaded a store coupon that is also in the ad, the register will kick out the electronic coupon and accept the paper coupon in its place (same coupon value).
There is a slight perk to having an in ad coupon also be a loadable coupon.  In the event the coupon has a limit restriction, you can double that limit in a single transaction by loading the electronic coupon in addition to handing over the paper coupon.
Ex: There is a loadable and in-ad coupon for Kelloggs cereal for $.99 with a limit of 3.  If you were to grab 6 Kelloggs cereal you can have the electronic coupon apply to the first 3 and the paper coupon apply to the remaining 3.  This comes in handy when you are trying to do a catalina deal or you are trying to reach a spending threshold.

Based on Randalls coupon policy, spending thresholds for rewards are calculated AFTER all Club card savings and store coupons but BEFORE manufacturer coupons.  The exception items are fluid dairy or dairy substitutes, alcohol, postage stamps, gift cards, tobacco, prescriptions, money orders, park tickets, hunting license etc
Ex: Randalls is offering a free loaf of bread with a minimum $10 purchase.  Your purchase without any savings is $12.  There is a 1.75 club card (or store coupon) discount and you have $1 manuf. coupon.  your out of pocket would be $9.25 but since they don't count the $1 manuf coupon against your total for the free bread offer, you are at  $10.25 for the promo giving you the free loaf of bread.

Randalls also participates in Upromise loadable coupons (details on that here) ,the endorse app and the ibotta app.

Another thing to understand is Randalls clearance, they have a few ways to clearance items.  The first is straight forward, they will just change the ring up price on the product or "reduce for quick sale".
The second is with 50 or 75% off stickers on products
Here is a picture of the 50% tags, 75% are green.  The item will ring up at the current shelf price and then when they scan the 50% off tag, it will take half off the price.  You can use manufacturer coupons on top of that and specialized pricing can take effect.

If is very possible to get paid to purchase items at Randalls after store coupon, manufacturer coupon and possibly personalized pricing.

Also, Randalls participates in a gas rewards program.  For each $1 spent in store, you earn 1 point toward fuel discounts.  Once you reach 100 points, that is a .10 discount per gallon of gas on a single fuel up, up to 25 gallons.
Purchase of participating gift cards will earn you 2 points for each $1 spent. Every $1 spent in the pharmacy also earns you 1 point toward your fuel rewards.
Your $ spent is based after Randalls coupons but before manufacturer coupons.
Maximum savings of $2/gallon.

Randalls also has a price right guarantee.  If an unmarked item scans differently from the shelf tag at time of purchase, you are to get the first of that item free and any additional quantity at the price marked.  There are some exclusions including alcohol and tobacco, and I believe there is an upper limit to the value (waiting on verification from Randalls)

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