Monday, December 17, 2012

Randalls - Great deal on Olive Oil

Yesterday I posted some coupons I was printing and one was for the the Filippo Berio Olive Oil.
While I was at Randalls today getting an itunes deal (more on that in a moment) I noticed the Olive oil is on sale for $6.49
In addition to that, there is a $2 Just for U loadable coupon on Randalls website
This is a store coupon so combined perfectly with my $1.50 printable making my 25.3 oz bottle just $2.99!

Woo Hoo! That is just .12 an oz :D

And who bought all the gummy bears at my store? I had to settle for the Raspberry gummies!

Ok, so for those of you with Itunes gift cards on your list, you might want to hurry over Randalls before tomorrow ends.  First go to your Just For U account and see if you have a coupon for a $15 off a $50 or more purchase of itunes gift cards.
In addition to this, Randalls is having a 15% off sale on the multipacks of Itunes gift cards.  You can get a 40% savings on $60 worth of gift cards by doing the following scenario.

Pick up 2 $30 multi packs of Itunes (3 x $10 in each pack)
Your transaction will look like this:

$60  x .85 = $51
-$15 J4U loadable
=$36 oop for $60 worth of Itunes gift cards!

Thanks Mercy for the heads up on the Itunes deal :D
*Readers, I bought a 3 pack and a $25 which was a little silly since I spent 35.50 for $5 less in gift cards. Don't make my mistake, lol.  The $15 will come off as long as you have $50 or more worth.  The 15% will only come off the multipacks!

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